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what happens if the bios battery dies? – Explore all details

The Basic Input/Output System is a component that is integral to a computer. It acts as a link between the software and hardware elements. The CMOS or BIOS battery is one of the many components that make up the BIOS. This battery is crucial in maintaining BIOS settings. The BIOS battery can cause a number of issues that could affect the overall performance of your computer. We’ll explore the possible implications of a dead bios battery and how to fix it.

BIOS Battery: What is it?

The BIOS battery, a small coin-shaped cell, powers the complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chip. This chip saves the BIOS settings as well as the system time, even when the computer has been turned off or unplugged. It helps to preserve your system’s memory and ensure that it remains functional.

Consequences if your BIOS battery is dead

Time is not consistent

The computer clock will reset each time you power down the system. This is a sign that the BIOS battery has died. The BIOS battery is what keeps track of the system clock in real time. A depleted BIOS battery will cause the system clock to default every time you restart your computer.

BIOS settings are lost

The CMOS chip maintains BIOS settings that control important aspects such as boot order, hardware configurations and password settings. These settings can be reset to default values if the BIOS battery is dead. If your system is set up to boot from an external device or requires a password, this reset may cause problems booting. In addition, you may lose specialized hardware configurations, which could cause performance problems or device malfunctions.

Start-up problems with the system

A failure of the BIOS can cause a series error messages to appear at startup. These messages can indicate a hardware problem or a setup issue, usually due to the loss customized BIOS settings. It may prevent the computer from starting up until the BIOS settings have been manually reset.

How to identify and resolve a dead BIOS battery issue

Identification of the issue

It is easy to detect a dead BIOS Battery. A depleted battery can be detected by a consistently inaccurate system clock, frequent loss of BIOS settings or error messages.

Replace the battery

The problem is usually resolved by replacing the old BIOS battery with an updated one. You can perform this task yourself, but if you are unsure you may want to consult your system manual or ask for professional help. Use an equivalent battery (usually a lithium CR2032 cell) in order to avoid compatibility problems.

Restoring BIOS Settings

You’ll have to reset the BIOS to the preferred settings after replacing the battery. You’ll have to manually configure the BIOS as the old settings will be lost. Documenting any settings is essential before the battery runs out or after you notice irregularities. It’s best to consult a professional or your system’s manual if you are unsure of the correct settings.


The death of a bios battery does not necessarily result in a catastrophic failure. However, the effects can be felt over time and may affect a computer’s performance. You can keep your computer efficient and reliable by identifying the signs and replacing it.


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