Home Technology does windows 10 come with outlook mail? - Explore all details

does windows 10 come with outlook mail? – Explore all details

Outlook Mail (also known as Microsoft Outlook) is one of the leading email clients in the world. It caters to both personal and business needs. Users can take advantage of a wide range of features that simplify emailing and increase productivity. Many users are wondering if Windows 10, Microsoft’s highly popular operating system, includes this feature.

Understanding Windows 10 Outlook

What is Windows 10 all about?

Windows 10 is an extremely powerful and versatile operating system created by Microsoft. In July 2015, it was released as a successor to Windows 8.1. Windows 10 is a popular operating system that has gained popularity since its release. Its unique combination of features from previous Windows versions and enhancements for modern users have made it a hit.

What is Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an email client that comes with the Office suite. It features robust email management as well as calendaring, task management and contact organization. Outlook is primarily used to send emails but it can also be used to manage personal information, enhance workplace collaboration and organize tasks.

What is included in Windows 10 Outlook Mail?

Windows 10 doesn’t come with Microsoft Outlook. Windows 10 includes many built-in features and applications, including Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store, Mail, and Microsoft Store apps. However, Microsoft Outlook is not included.

Mail App vs. Microsoft Outlook

Windows 10 doesn’t come with Microsoft Outlook but it comes with a Mail app. This app is compatible with a variety of email services, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Outlook.com, Microsoft’s free email program that differs from Microsoft Outlook.

Mail is a simpler app than Microsoft Outlook but still provides all the functionality needed for emailing. Users can send and receive email, manage contacts and schedule calendar events.

Microsoft Outlook offers advanced features like detailed calendar sharing, tasks management, and extensive customization for email organization. This makes it more suitable for professional and business use.

How do I get Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel PowerPoint and OneNote. Outlook can be purchased as a standalone program or by subscribing Microsoft 365. This subscription service offers Office apps, cloud storage, and more.


Windows 10 doesn’t come with Microsoft Outlook pre-installed, but users can still use the Mail app to send and receive basic emails. Microsoft Outlook is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite for users who require a comprehensive email suite and features to manage personal information. Both the Mail app as well as Microsoft Outlook are excellent tools for streamlining your digital communication, depending on your needs.


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