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can asus tinker board run windows 10? – Explore all details

The Asus Tinker board is a powerful piece of hardware. It has been compared to the Raspberry Pi because it’s a single-board computer. It’s equipped with a Rockchip Quad Core RK3288 Processor and 2GB DDR3 RAM to handle a wide range of tasks. One question that is often asked in tech forums and discussion groups is “Can the Asus Tinker Board Run Windows 10?”

Understanding the Asus Tinker Board

The Asus Tinker Board was first released in 2017. It’s a compact single board computer that has become popular among hobbyists, tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. It looks remarkably similar to the Raspberry Pi – another popular single board computer – but has enhanced performance.

Tinker Board is equipped with a Rockchip RK3288 System on a Chip (SoC) based on ARM. This SoC contains a Quad Core CPU and an ARM mali-T764 graphics processor. This powerful machine also includes 2GB DDR3 RAM and Gigabit Ethernet. It can play 4K videos.

Windows 10 ARM Architecture

Windows 10 is an operating system with a wide range of applications. It supports many different hardware configurations. Standard Windows 10 was designed to work with x86 processors. These are the ones found in desktop and laptop computers. ARM processors like the one found in the Asus Tinker board use a different architectural style that is not compatible with standard Windows 10

Microsoft has released a special version of Windows 10 for ARM-based devices. It was designed for ARM-based tablets and laptops, which offer greater power efficiency.

Does Asus Tinker board run Windows 10 on ARM processors?

It might appear theoretically possible that the Asus Tinker Board can run Windows 10 on ARM due to its ARM-based CPU. There’s more than just the type of processor to consider.

Windows 10 on ARM requires Qualcomm Snapdragon processors in order to function. The Rockchip RK3288 processor, which powers Tinker Board is not supported.

Windows 10 on ARM also requires a minimum 4GB RAM for it to work properly. This is twice as much as the Tinker Board has. Another key limitation prevents Tinker Board running Windows 10 on ARM.

Alternatives to Asus Tinker Board

Asus Tinker Board is still capable of running other operating systems, even though Windows 10 is not an option. TinkerOS is Asus’ official operating system. It is a Debian derivative. It is designed for Tinker Board and provides a stable, efficient operating environment.

Tinker Board supports Android for those who want something familiar. You can now run Android apps from a variety of sources on your device. Linux distributions such as Armbian and Flint OS can also be used, giving users more options.


The Asus Tinker board is a powerful single-board computer with a lot of versatility. However, due to its ARM architecture, and limited memory, it can’t run Windows 10. Its compatibility with other operating systems, such as TinkerOS and Android, ensures that the device remains useful and versatile for a variety of applications.


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