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what is the app drawer on android? – get complete details

Android OS offers many unique tools and features to customize your device. App Drawer is one of them. It’s an integral feature that enhances the usability of the application and its organization.

What is an App Drawer?

The App Drawer is a place on Android devices where all applications installed are kept. The App Drawer, unlike the home screen which only displays widgets and shortcuts to apps, is where all installed applications are stored. Android is the only smartphone platform that has this feature.

Why is it important to have an App Drawer?

Android’s App Drawer is a perfect example of Android’s dedication to customization and flexibility. It is a hub that contains all of your applications and separates the clutter off the home screen. It would be impossible to store all applications on the home screen, which would make it cluttered.

The App Drawer allows users to choose which apps are displayed on the home screen and the rest can be neatly stored in the drawer. This gives the phone a cleaner appearance and makes navigation and use easier.

How to Access and Use the App Drawer

On most Android devices, you can access the App Drawer by simply swiping up from the bottom. Other versions of Android or skins may have a dedicated icon for this function on the homescreen.

In the App Drawer you can scroll through apps either horizontally or vertically depending on your Android version or custom skin. Some App Drawers offer a search bar at the top. This allows you to search for specific apps without having to scroll through the whole list.

Organizing apps in the App drawer

Apps are usually arranged alphabetically in the App Drawer, but on certain devices this can also be changed. Users can create folders to group together frequently used or similar apps. This makes it easier to find them.

Android allows you to also hide apps from the App Drawer. This feature is useful for apps which are rarely used or those who wish to maintain privacy. The Android version, and device manufacturer, will determine how to hide an app.

App Drawer Evolution

Android’s App Drawer evolved over the years. The App Drawer has evolved from a simple list of apps into a dynamic, interactive feature. The App Drawer on modern Android devices offers predictive apps based upon usage patterns.

The App Drawer’s introduction of categories and tabs has improved its usability. Users can now switch between different groups of apps such as social apps, work-related apps or games.


The App Drawer, in essence, is one of Android’s most unique and user friendly features. The App Drawer is much more than a simple storage area for apps. It’s a tool to help users keep their devices efficient, organized and personalized. Understanding how to customize and use the App Drawer will enhance your Android experience.


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