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how to reinstall windows with no cd? – Explore all details

It can be difficult to reinstall your Windows OS, especially if there is no CD or DVD drive. This guide will help you demystify this process and enable you to reinstall Windows OS safely and efficiently using only an USB flash drive.


You need to have a few things in place before we can get into the details:

  • A USB flashdrive with at least 8GB space.
  • Downloading Windows ISO requires a stable internet connection.
  • The laptop or PC must be functional.

How to Install Windows without a CD

Back up Your data

Backup all important data before you start. Windows will delete everything from your primary hard drive if you install it again.

Download the Windows ISO File

Then, go to the Microsoft Download website. You can then download the ISO file for the Windows version that you want to install. Microsoft usually provides ISO files for Windows’ most recent versions. Select the desired edition by clicking on the “Download” button. Download the ISO file onto your computer by following the instructions.

Create a Bootable USB Drive

Insert your USB flashdrive into the computer. The ISO file that you downloaded will allow you to format the USB flash drive as a bootable media. Rufus is one of several online tools that are free.

Rufus or your preferred tool will open and you can select the ISO from your computer. Click the “Start” button after selecting your USB drive as the destination. Rufus will format your USB drive, and copy Windows installation files to it.

Boot the USB Drive

Restart your computer once the bootable USB is complete. You will have to press F12, Del, or F2 as your PC boots up to access the boot menu. If you are not sure what key to press, consult your computer’s user manual or search online.

Select your USB drive in the boot menu. The computer will restart, but this time it should boot from the USB device.

Install Windows

Now you should see the Windows Installation screen. Install Windows by following the instructions on screen. Select your language, accept the terms and conditions and select the type of install you want.

Click ‘Next’ to select the hard drive on which you want Windows installed. Windows will start installing. Be patient as this process can take some time. You may need to restart your computer a few times during the installation.

Step 6 Set up Windows

You will be asked to configure Windows after installation. You will be asked to create a user, set a password and select privacy settings. You should now be presented with a new Windows desktop. You’ve now successfully reinstalled Windows, without using a CD.


It isn’t as difficult as you might think to reinstall Windows without a DVD or CD drive. It is important to have all of the required tools and files before you begin, and to carefully follow each step. Backup your data and create a USB bootable drive. Boot from the USB, install Windows and then set up your Windows environment. This guide will help you navigate the process confidently.


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