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how do i delete all files on windows vista? – get complete details

Knowing how to delete files effectively is essential in an age where digital clutter can severely hinder the performance of your computer. Windows Vista users may find it difficult to delete all files, but you can do so safely and efficiently. Be careful before we get into the details. Before proceeding, it’s best to make a copy of any important files.

Why Delete All Files?

Windows Vista is an older operating system that’s still widely used. Over time, many files are created, some of them unnecessary, and they take up valuable storage space. These files can be deleted to free up storage space, improve system performance and maintain the health of your system.

The Process: Step-by-Step

Initial Backup

It’s important to make a backup before deleting any files. Windows Vista does not have a built-in feature, but you can still use a USB drive, external hard drive or cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Manual Deletion

Manual deletion is the first method that we will discuss. How to delete files manually:

  1. Open Windows Explorer Click the Start button and select ‘Computer.’
  2. Access to the Hard Drive: All of your files are located on the hard disk, which is usually labeled ‘Local Disk C :)’. Double-click to open.
  3. Select all Files: Press ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all files.
  4. Delete You can delete by right-clicking on the selected text and selecting ‘Delete,’ or pressing ‘Delete” on your keyboard.

This method does not delete system files as doing so can make your system unusable.

Using Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup, a Windows-integrated tool, allows you to delete unwanted files such as temporary internet files (tmp), downloaded program files and system files.

  1. Open Disk Cleanup. Click on the Start button, choose ‘All Programs,’ then go to Accessories,’ System Tools,’ and finally ‘Disk Cleanup.
  2. Select Drive : The drive that you wish to clean will be displayed. Click ‘OK’. Choose the ‘Local Disk C:’.
  3. Select Files for Delete: The Disk Cleanup program calculates the amount of space that can be freed up, and displays a list with file types. Click ‘OK’ after checking the boxes next to the files that you wish to delete.
  4. Confirm deletion: A confirmation window will appear. To proceed, select ‘Delete Files.’

Factory reset

A factory reset is the last option. This will return your computer to its original state, and delete all of your files.

  1. Back up: Just as before, make sure you have backed up all important data.
  2. Enter Safe Mode by restarting your computer: Press F8 to enter Safe Mode after you restart your computer.
  3. System Restore Select ‘Repair Your Computer from the Advanced Boot Options screen’, login as an administrator and select ‘System Restore.
  4. Select Restore Point: A restore point will be displayed. Choose the original setup or the latest point.
  5. Confirm, and then Restart: Confirm the choice you made, and then restart your computer. The system will restore after some time, but it will look the same as when you first turned it on.


Manual deletion is precise, as you can choose what to delete. This is a great way to quickly declutter your computer, but it won’t affect system files. Disk Cleanup offers a thorough solution, removing both system files and user files.

Factory resets are the only way to completely wipe your computer. It is the last resort when your computer has become unusable, or you plan to sell it. This method must be used with caution.


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