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how do i find my serial number on windows 10? – get complete details

The serial number, also called the Product ID of a Windows 10 Device, is a unique identification that helps users register their product, gain access to customer support and validate their software authenticity.

It is important to know how to locate this information for optimal system maintenance and use. This article offers a simple guide to finding your Windows 10 Serial Number.

What Is a Serial Number?

A serial number, also known as a Product ID, is an unique combination of letters and numbers that manufacturers use to identify specific products. This unique identifier may contain valuable information, such as the model of the product, its configuration, or manufacturing date.

Why is H3 important?

This serial number serves many important functions. This serial number is used to verify the authenticity of the product and to gain access to customer support or service. This is often needed when upgrading hardware or performing system repairs.

Find your serial number in Windows 10

There are several ways to find the serial number in Windows 10. This article will cover two of the easiest ways to find the serial number in Windows 10: using the System Information tool or the Command Prompt.

Using System Information Tool

  1. Open system information: Press “Windows” and the “R” key simultaneously to open Run dialog box. Type “msinfo32”, click “OK” (or press “Enter”), and then click on the “Run” box. The System Information window will be opened.
  2. Locate the Serial Number. Look for the “System Summary” in the System Information Window on the left and select it. You will see a line on the right side labeled, “System ProductID”. This is your serial number.

Using the Command Prompt

  1. Open Command Prompt : Press “Windows”, type “cmd” (Command Prompt) and then press “Enter”.
  2. To retrieve the serial number, enter the following command in the Command Prompt: “wmicbios get serialnumber”, and then press “Enter”. The Serial Number is displayed on your screen.

Important Considerations

There are a few things to consider when locating the serial number:

  1. Serial Number vs. Product Key: Serial Numbers, also known as Product IDs, are not to be confused with Product Keys. The Product Key is an unique code that you use to activate Windows software.
  2. Hardware serial number: You can find the hardware serial number on a sticker or in the battery compartment.
  3. Confidentiality Your Serial Number is unique and can be misused for malicious purposes by the wrong people. It’s important to keep the information private.


It is important to know how to locate your serial number in Windows 10 for a variety of reasons, from customer service interactions to verifying software authenticity. You can find this information by following the steps above. Keep your serial number confidential to avoid unauthorized use of your device and to ensure its security.


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