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How to Use Minecraft End Gateway Finder – Explore all details

Are You an Amateur Minecrafter? Have You Heard About the End Gateway Finder? The End Gateway Finder is an innovative tool designed to find End gateways in Minecraft world and access outer islands in End, where resources such as Elytras, Shulker Boxes and Chorus Fruit may be located?

What Is the Minecraft End Gateway Finder? The Minecraft End Gateway Finder is an invaluable tool that allows players to quickly locate End gateways in Minecraft world. It works by triangulating your position relative to an End gateway’s location – however, at least three strongholds must exist before you can utilize this resource.

How to Use the Minecraft End Gateway Finder
In order to use the Minecraft End Gateway Finder effectively, please follow these simple steps:

Step 1 of Minecraft End Gateway Finder

The first step to using the Minecraft End Gateway Finder is mapping three strongholds in your Minecraft world using Eyes of Ender as an indicator. When done, mark these locations on paper or take note of their coordinates for later.

Step 2: Calculate Triangulation

To complete Step 2, calculate triangulation using the Minecraft End Gateway Finder tool. Simply input coordinates for all three strongholds into this program and let it locate its nearest End gateways for you!

Step 3: Travel to the Location

Once you have determined where the nearest End gateway is, the next step should be traveling there. An End gateway should be located in the center of a 3×3 block area and marked by a beam of light; simply enter it to gain access to outer islands within this world.


The Minecraft End Gateway Finder is an invaluable tool for any Minecraft player looking to access the outer islands in the End. Following the steps outlined here will enable you to quickly locate and gain entry through an End gateway, giving access to resources found there. We hope this article has been of use and wish you well in your Minecraft adventures!


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