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How to Know If Someone Muted You on WhatsApp – get complete details

Have you ever found yourself texting someone on WhatsApp and suddenly they stop responding? While it could simply be that they didn’t see your message yet, or muted you completely – there are ways you can find out for sure who has muted you and if that has indeed happened! In this article we will show how to know if someone has muted you as well as what to do next if that has indeed occurred.

Check Last Seen Status

One way of telling whether someone on WhatsApp has muted you is to check their last seen status. If it seems as though their status has stopped updating, that could be an indicator they have muted you. To do so, open their chat window with them in question and look for “last Seen” near the top. If it is no longer updating regularly it could be an indicator they have muted you.

Check Delivered and Read Receipts

One method to identify whether someone has muted you on WhatsApp is by looking at their delivered and read receipts. If your messages no longer get the two blue ticks after being delivered and read, that may indicate they have muted you. To use this technique effectively, send a message directly to that individual, wait for their response, then send one back hoping two blue ticks appear; if they don’t, that could be a telltale sign they have muted you

Call Them on WhatsApp

Its If you suspect that someone has muted you on WhatsApp, try calling them directly using WhatsApp. If the call goes through successfully, that indicates they have not blocked you; otherwise it could be an indication of muzzling. To reach them through this method on WhatsApp simply open their chat window and tap on the phone icon at the top.

Send a Broadcast Message

A final way to determine if someone has muted you on WhatsApp is by sending a broadcast message. A broadcast message allows you to simultaneously deliver multiple messages at once; if someone mutes you, they won’t receive your broadcast message. To create one simply open WhatsApp and tap on three-dot icon at top right corner before tapping “New Broadcast” followed by selecting contacts before finally selecting “Send This Broadcast Message Now!”

What to Do if You Have Been Muted

If someone mutes you on WhatsApp, there are a few steps you can take. First, try reaching out via another platform such as Facebook or Instagram; secondly, send them a message asking why and to what degree. However, be respectful when doing this as doing this may make things worse for both of you.


If you suspect someone has muted you on WhatsApp, there are a few ways you can verify this suspicion. These include looking at their last seen status and read receipts as well as trying to contact them through another platform or sending a broadcast message with questions on why. Please remember to be polite and understanding when communicating.


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