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How to Unmute on Zoom Phone Call – All things you need to know

Video conferencing is a key part of modern communication as we adapt to an ever-changing digital environment. Zoom is a popular platform for virtual meetings and webinars. It’s also used to teach online. Unmuting yourself during a phone or computer call is one of the biggest challenges that users have to overcome. This article provides a step by step guide on how you can unmute yourself on a Zoom call.

Joining Zoom Calls via Phone

It’s important that you understand how to join Zoom calls from your mobile phone before diving into the unmuting process. You can join the meeting by dialing in directly or entering the meeting ID.


  1. Zoom invites you to call the number in your area.
  2. Follow the voice prompts when you dial the number.
  3. Enter the meeting ID and then press the # key.
  4. Enter the participant ID if required. Press the # key to skip the step.

Entering the Meeting ID

  1. Zoom the phone number of your region.
  2. Enter the meeting ID and then the # key (pound sign) when prompted.
  3. Enter the participant ID if required. Press the # key to skip the step.

You may find that you are muted automatically once you join the call. This is common, especially in large meetings or online webinars. Let’s now explore how to unmute your voice.

How to Unmute a Zoom Call

There are several ways to unmute your voice during a Zoom call, depending on what type of device you use.

Unmuting a Smartphone

Follow these steps to unmute your phone when you join a Zoom Call.

  1. To display the Call Controls, tap the screen.
  2. Find the unmute/mute button. It is usually a microphone symbol. If you’re muted, the icon will be cross out.
  3. To unmute, tap the microphone icon. The icon should now show an active microphone with no cross.

Unmuting a landline or non-smartphone

If you are joining a Zoom Call using a landline phone or a nonsmartphone (not a smartphone), you can unmute your voice by using DTMF commands.

  1. Press *6 in your phone keypad. This is the default command for muting or unmuting yourself during a Zoom call.
  2. Listen for the voice prompt that confirms you’ve been unmuted.

Requesting Unmuting

The meeting host might have disabled the ability of participants to unmute. You can ask the host to unmute your voice if this is the situation.

  1. Press *9 in your phone’s keyboard. This command will send a request to your host to turn you off.
  2. Wait until the host receives your request and grants you permission to unmute. A voice prompt will notify you when you are unmuted.

Troubleshooting Unmuting Problems

Consider the following troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulty unmuting yourself during a Zoom call:

Verify call controls

Use the correct controls. You may need to use different commands on some smartphones or landlines

For muting and unmuting. For specific instructions, consult the user manual of your device.

Check Permissions

Verify that the host of the meeting has granted participants permission to de-mute themselves. If not, ask the host for permission to unmute yourself by following the steps in the section “Requesting Unmuting” above.

Update Zoom App

Verify that the Zoom app is updated on your smartphone. Updated apps can cause unexpected problems, such as difficulties unmuting. Check your device’s App Store for any updates, and install them as necessary.

Rejoining the Meeting

In some cases, rejoining the conference after leaving may solve any problems with unmuting. This method can cause disruptions for other participants or you may lose your position in a webinar.

Contact Zoom Support

Consider contacting Zoom Support for help if you are still having problems unmuting your phone during a Zoom call. They can identify the root cause and give you guidance on how to fix it.


Unmuting yourself during a Zoom call is an important part of being able to communicate well. You can unmute your phone with ease by following the instructions in this guide. You should always troubleshoot and contact Zoom Support for any problems that arise. These tips will help you to be prepared for any Zoom webinar or meeting.


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