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How to Stop Replies on Your Instagram Stories – Explore all details

Instagram Stories has become a popular way for users to share updates, moments and experiences with their followers. You may, however, want to disable or limit replies to your Instagram Stories in order to protect your privacy or to reduce distractions. This article will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide to stopping replies on Instagram Stories. We’ll also discuss why you may want to do this.

Why stop replying to your Instagram stories?

Let’s look at some reasons you may want to disable comments on Instagram Stories before we get started:

1. Keep Privacy

Instagram Stories can be a great way to interact with your followers. However, you may not want to always receive feedback from them. You can disable replies to allow you to share experiences without having your inbox flooded with unsolicited questions, comments or suggestions.

2. Reduce Distractions

It can be difficult to manage the number of replies you receive, especially if your Story has a lot of followers. Disabling replies will reduce the amount of notifications and distractions you receive, allowing you to focus on other tasks or simply enjoy your social media experience.

3. Avoid negative comments or trolling

The internet is unfortunately a breeding ground of negativity and trolling. You can avoid unnecessary criticism or hate by disabling comments on Instagram Stories. This will make your social media experience positive and more enjoyable.

How to stop comments on your Instagram stories

Let’s take a look at the steps to disable replies on Instagram Stories.

Open Instagram

Open the Instagram app from your smartphone or tablet. You must be logged into the account you wish to disable Stories replies for. Switch to the desired account if you have more than one.

Access your Story Settings

Tap on your profile photo in the lower right corner of the main app screen to access your Story settings. You will be taken to your profile page. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Tap on the gear icon at the bottom to bring up a side menu.

Navigate Privacy Settings

Tap on “Privacy”, located in the Settings menu to access your account privacy settings. You can manage your privacy settings here, such as who can view your content and send you messages.

Access Story controls

Tap on “Story”, once you are in the Privacy menu. This will give you access to the controls for your Instagram Stories. You’ll see a list of controls that will allow you to control who can view your Instagram Stories, share them, or reply to them.

Disable comments on your Instagram Stories

You’ll find “Allow Replies” under the “Interactions section.” You can tap on it to view the reply settings available for your Stories. Three options are available:

  1. All: This option allows all your followers as well as anyone viewing your Stories to respond.
  2. People You follow: Only people who you follow can reply to your Stories.
  3. Turn off the ability to reply on Instagram Stories.

Select the “Stop Replies” option to stop comments on your Instagram Stories.

“Off” option. After you make your selection, it will automatically be saved and you will be taken back to the previous screen.

Verify Your Changes

You can check your reply settings by creating a new Instagram Story. Tap on the “Send to” button in the bottom-right corner of your Story once you’ve added the content. Under your profile photo, you should see the small label “Replies Off”, confirming that responses have been disabled.


You can enjoy a more enjoyable and controlled social media experience by disabling comments on your Instagram stories, especially if it’s important to you to maintain privacy, avoid distractions or negative comments. Follow the guide below to stop Instagram Stories replies and share your moments without having to worry about unwanted feedback. You can change the reply settings to “Everyone”, “People You Follow”, or “No Replies” at any time if you wish to enable replies again.


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