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How to Allow or Block Browser Pop-Ups on iPhone – Explore all details

Pop-ups appear as small windows on the top of webpages, and are used to display ads or collect user information. Pop-ups can be intrusive and annoying, but they’re sometimes necessary to ensure that certain websites work properly. This article will show you how to block or allow pop-ups in the Safari default browser on your iPhone.

Blocking pop-ups on iPhone Safari

Step 1: Open Settings App On your iPhone. To manage pop-ups, you must first open the Settings App. Tap the gear icon to open the app.

Step 2. Scroll down to Safari.

Once the Settings app is open, scroll through the options list until you reach the “Safari”. Here you can control all the settings for Safari. You can open Safari settings by tapping on the icon.

Step 3. Toggle “Block Popups” in Safari’s settings. 

This switch is on by default. Safari will block pop-ups automatically on websites. To allow pop-ups on websites, toggle the switch to off.

Remember that allowing popups can expose you to unwanted advertisements and security risks. In general, it is recommended that you keep “Block Popups” enabled and disable this setting only temporarily when needed.

Step 4. Manage Exceptions. (Optional).

Safari on iPhone unfortunately does not offer an option to manage specific exceptions. Consider using a third party browser, such as Google Chrome, to get more control over popup blocking. We will discuss this in the following section.

Blocking pop-ups on iPhone with Google Chrome

Step One: Open the Google Chrome app To manage popups on Google Chrome you must first open the app from your iPhone. Download and install Google Chrome if you haven’t done so already. Tap on the Chrome icon once it’s installed to launch the app.

You will find three vertical dots in the lower-right corner of Google Chrome. These dots will open the browser’s menu. Scroll down the menu until you find “Settings”, and tap it to open Chrome’s settings.

Step 3. Go to the Content Settings

section in Chrome’s settings menu. Click on the button to access the Content Settings menu. Here you can change various settings for the content that is displayed in the browser.

Step 4. Toggle “Block Popups”

In the Content Settings menu. This switch is on by default. Chrome will then block pop-ups automatically on websites. To allow pop-ups on websites, toggle the switch to off.

It is recommended that you keep “Block Pop-ups”, the setting in Safari enabled, and only temporarily disable it when needed.

Step 5. Manage Exceptions. (Optional).

Google Chrome for iPhone lets you manage exceptions. You can block pop-ups on certain websites while allowing others.

Tap on “Exceptions” in the Content Settings Menu to manage exceptions. You will be presented with a list of sites that have customized pop-ups. Tap on the “+”, located in the upper-right corner, to add a website. Enter the website URL and select whether you want to add it or not.

You can choose whether to block or allow pop-ups on a specific website. Click “Done” when you’re done to save the changes.

By selecting the relevant option, you can edit or remove any existing exceptions.


It is easy to manage pop-ups in your iPhone, regardless of whether you use the default Safari or popular Google Chrome browser. You can block or allow browser pop-ups for your iPhone by following the instructions in this article. This will ensure a safer and more enjoyable browsing experience. Remember to always keep “Block Popups” enabled when browsing in general and to only temporarily disable it when needed. Allowing pop-ups can expose you to unwanted advertisements and security risks.


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