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How to Anonymously View a LinkedIn Profile – everything you to need know

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. It has become a vital tool for professionals, job seekers and recruiters who want to connect with other professionals. It’s not surprising that with over 774 millions users, many people prefer to browse profiles anonymously. This article will explain how you can remain anonymous when you browse LinkedIn. We’ll discuss different ways and precautions to ensure your privacy.

Why View LinkedIn profiles Anonymously?

Avoid Unwanted attention

You can browse LinkedIn anonymously to avoid unwanted attention from colleagues, potential employers or competitors. You can use this feature to research job opportunities, gather industry insights or just check out someone’s LinkedIn profile for curiosity.

Confidentiality in your job search

You may not want to let your co-workers or employer know you are actively searching for a job if you are currently employed. You can maintain your anonymity and avoid suspicion by viewing profiles anonymously.

Keep Your Privacy

Even on professional platforms like LinkedIn, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their online activity. You can browse profiles anonymously to protect your privacy and still take advantage of LinkedIn’s features.

How to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

You have several options to browse LinkedIn profiles in an anonymous manner. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Adjust your privacy settings

LinkedIn lets you adjust privacy settings so that you can control what other people see when they view your profile. Follow these steps to access the privacy settings:

  1. Login to your LinkedIn Account.
  2. Select “Settings & Privacy”, from the dropdown list, by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on “Privacy”.
  4. Click “Change” in the “Profile Viewing Options” section.
  5. Select one of the options below:
    • Your name and headline
    • Private profile features (e.g. “LinkedIn member” and your industry).
    • Private mode (totally anonymous)

If you select the “Private Mode” option, then you will not be able see who has visited your profile.

How to use a LinkedIn premium feature: Private Mode

You can use the “Private Mode” feature if you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. You can browse profiles anonymously, without having to compromise your ability to know who has visited your profile. Follow the steps in the previous section to activate Private Mode. Select “Private Mode” as the profile viewing option.

Browse LinkedIn profiles using a search engine

You can also view LinkedIn profiles anonymously by using a search tool like Google. You can find a person’s profile by typing their name into the Google search bar and adding the word “LinkedIn”. You can view the public profile of a person without having to log in or reveal your identity.

This approach does have some limitations. You will not be able see the full profile of the person, including any hidden content, such as their recommendations or connections.

Precautions When Browsing Anonymously

Remember to change your settings back

Don’t forget to return your privacy settings once you are done. You can still use LinkedIn normally and access features such as “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

Use an Incognito Browser or a Separate Web Browser

It’s best to open a private or incognito window when searching for LinkedIn profiles. It will ensure that your browsing history is not linked to your LinkedIn profile, protecting your anonymity.

Be Aware Of Limitations

It’s important to understand the limitations of each method. You may not find all the information that you need by using a search engine. Likewise, changing your privacy settings to Private mode will keep you from knowing who has visited your profile.

Don’t share sensitive information

It’s important to not share sensitive information, even when browsing anonymously. Included are screenshots, details about yourself, and any other information that may harm a person’s privacy or reputation.


You can browse LinkedIn profiles anonymously to avoid unwanted attention or maintain your privacy. You can use LinkedIn’s extensive resources without revealing your identity by adjusting your privacy settings or using LinkedIn Premium features like Private Mode. Remember to always take precautions and be aware of limitations. Never share sensitive information. These guidelines will help you navigate LinkedIn in a way that is both secure and private.


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