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how to get kodi on windows 10? – Explore all details

Kodi, a popular open-source media player, allows you to play and manage movies, TV series, music and photos from various sources. This is a guide that will show you how to install Kodi in Windows 10.

Installation Preparation

System requirements

You must first ensure that your computer meets the minimal requirements of Kodi. You must have Windows 7 or later, an Intel Pentium 4 Processor, 1GB of RAM and 5GB free disk space.

Kodi Download

Navigate to the official Kodi site to begin the process. Click on the “Downloads” tab at the top. Scroll down to “Windows”. Select “Installer” (64bit), then “Installer” (32bit), depending on your system type. The download will start automatically.H2: Installing Kodi on Windows 10

Installing the installer

Double-click the Kodi Installer file once you have downloaded it. Click ‘Run” to continue if Windows displays a warning.

Follow the Installation Prompts

The Kodi Setup wizard will appear after you have run the installer. To continue, click ‘Next.’ Click ‘I agree’ to proceed.

You’ll then be asked to select the components that you wish to install. Most users will choose the ‘Full option’ as it contains all components necessary. Click ‘Next’ after making your selection.

Choose the Location for Installation

Then, you’ll be asked to select the location in which Kodi will be installed. The program is installed by default in the “Program Files” folder. Click ‘Browse,’ then select the directory you wish to install in. Click ‘Next” after you have selected the location.

Complete the installation

To begin the installation, click on “Install”. Installation may take several minutes. Click ‘Finish” once the installation is complete. The ‘Run Kodi” option is automatically selected. This will launch Kodi after you close Setup Wizard.

Using Kodi

Initial Setup

You will be presented with the main interface when you launch Kodi. You can use this interface to access your media files and install add-ons.

Add Media Sources

Select the media category (Movies/TV Shows, Music/Pictures, etc.) and click ‘Add Source.’ Search your computer and find the relevant folders or files. Add them to Kodi.

Installing addons

Kodi addons provide additional features like streaming services, games and weather forecasts. Installing an addon is as simple as going to the Addons menu, selecting ‘Install From Repository’ and choosing the addon that you want. Then click on ‘Install.


These steps will help you install Kodi and turn your Windows 10 computer into a powerful multimedia center. Kodi offers a wide range of features and customization options that will allow you to experience your media in a whole new way.


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