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how do i format a dvd in windows 7? – everything you to need know

Windows 7 makes formatting a DVD a straightforward process. This allows you to delete the data on your DVD, and create a new space where you can store different information. This guide will show you how to format a DVD on Windows 7.

Basics of Understanding

What Does Mean When You Format a DVD?

It is important that you understand what the term “formatting a DVD” means before we begin. In essence, formatting a DVD involves preparing it so data can be written on it. This involves deleting all existing content on the disc and creating a file management system.

How Often Should You Format Your DVD?

You may want to format your DVD in a few different situations. You can format a DVD if it contains data that you don’t need anymore. This will free up space. If you are experiencing problems with your DVD, like having trouble reading data or receiving error messages, then formatting it can usually resolve the issue.

How to format a DVD on Windows 7 step-by-step

Gathering Materials

You’ll need some things before you can format your DVD:

  • You have a DVD you wish to format
  • Windows 7 is installed on a computer
  • Burning DVDs is possible with a DVD burner

After you have collected all of these materials, it is time to start the formatting process.

Inserting the DVD

Insert the DVD you wish to format in your computer’s DVD drive. As soon as the drive recognizes the disc, you should hear it spin up.

Navigate Computer

Click on the Start button, then select “Computer”. This will display all the drives attached to your computer.

Finding the DVD Drive

You will find your DVD drive in the “Devices with Removable Storage”. The DVD drive may be labeled “DVD RW Drive”, or something similar.

Formatting the Document

Click on the icon of your DVD drive. You will see a context menu. Select “Format …”” from this menu.

Formatting the Options

A new window with several formatting options will appear after you click “Format …”,”. Check the “Quick Format”. This will significantly speed up the formatting.

Initializing the Format

Click the “Start button” to start the formatting process. You will receive a warning that the data on your disc will be deleted. Click “OK” if you are ready to proceed.

Complete the Format

Windows 7 will now format your DVD. Depending on the speed and size of your DVD, this process may take several minutes. A notification will appear once the formatting is completed.


It is easy to format a DVD with Windows 7. This is a handy skill when you need to delete old data from a DVD or troubleshoot a problem. Formatting a DVD will delete all the data, so make sure you’ve backed up important files.


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