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how do i unlock my hp computer if i forgot my password windows 7? – get complete details

It is important to protect your confidential and personal information by using a password on your computer. It can be a nightmare, however, if you lose your password. Don’t panic if you can’t recall your password on an HP Windows 7 computer. You can unlock your system using several different methods. This article will show you how to unlock your HP computer in various ways.

Password Reset Disk

A Password Reset Disk is one of the best ways to recover your Windows 7 password. You must have created a Password Reset Disk before using this method.

How To Use Password Reset disk

  1. You have entered an incorrect password at the login screen.
  2. After a failed login attempt, click on “Reset Password”.
  3. Insert the Password Reset disk and follow the directions to create a brand new password.

If you do not have a Password Reset disk, we will move on to the next method.

Use another administrator account

You can reset your password if you have another account with administrator rights on your HP computer.

Steps for Resetting Password on Another Administrator Account

  1. Login to the PC using the other administrator account.
  2. Click on Control Panel > Family Safety and User Accounts > User Accounts.
  3. Select the account that is locked by clicking on “Manage another Account”.
  4. Click on “Change Password”, enter your new password and confirm.

Safe Mode with Command Prompt

Resetting your Windows 7 password using the Command Prompt in safe mode is also an effective method.

How to use Safe Mode with Command Prompt

  1. Press F8 repeatedly before you see the Windows logo to access Advanced Boot Options.
  2. Select “Safe Mode With Command Prompt” from the list and press Enter.
  3. Type “net user” at the command prompt and hit Enter to display all user accounts.
  4. Enter “net user [username] (new password)” to reset your password.
  5. Log in using your new password and restart your computer.

Professional Password Recover Tool, Method 4.

If you are unable to reset your password using the methods above, you may want to use a professional tool for password recovery such as Ophcrack 4WinKey or PassFab 4WinKey. These tools can be used to reset or recover your passwords without any data loss.

How To Use A Professional Password Recovery Software

The steps you take will vary depending on which tool you are using, but in general:

  1. Download the password recovery software on another computer.
  2. The tool allows you to create a bootable USB, CD/DVD or DVD.
  3. Boot your HP computer locked from the bootable disk.
  4. To reset your password, follow the instructions on the software.


Remember that there is always a solution if you forget your password. You can gain access to your HP Windows 7 computer by using a Password Reset Disk or another administrator account. Safe Mode with Command Prompt is also an option. You can easily recover your HP computer by using a Password Reset Disk, another administrator account, Safe Mode with Command Prompt or a professional password recovery tool.


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