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How to Change Discord Status – Explore all details

Discord is a widely-used communication app, offering chat, voice calling, and screen-sharing features to connect with others. One feature that makes Discord so useful is setting your status to indicate what you are up to or feeling. In this article we will explain how to set your Discord status effectively as well as provide tips for using it effectively.

Launch Discord and Log into Your Account

Start by opening the Discord app and logging in with your account – or create one easily through their website! If you don’t yet have an account, create one now by visiting Discord’s official site.

Navigate to Your Profile Picture by Clicking here

Once you have logged in, click your profile photo in the bottom-left corner to access your user settings.

To set a custom status, navigate to “Edit your custom Status.”

At any point in time, any Discord user can see your custom status. When creating it in user settings, click “Set a custom status.” It allows for you to set one that will be seen by all other Discord users.

Select Your Status Type

Discord provides various status options, such as Online, Idle, Do Not Disturb and Invisible. Additionally, you can create your own status by selecting “Custom Status.”

Customise Your Status

Once you’ve selected a status type, you can customize it with text, images, emojis or links to websites. Furthermore, you can set an automatic changing schedule so your status automatically updates after a given amount of time has elapsed.

Tips for Effective Discord Status Monitoring (Description: How to Monitor Discord )

Use your status update to let people know what you are up to or feeling. For instance, setting your status to “Working on a project” or “Feeling tired today.” can give everyone an update about what’s going on for you at that moment in time.

  • Keep your status up-to-date. If your circumstances or feelings change, update your status as soon as possible to reflect that.
  • Use emojis to make your status more eye-catching and expressive.
  • Set a personalized status message to promote your Twitch stream, YouTube channel or other social media platforms.
  • Use the “Do Not Disturb” setting if you prefer not receiving notifications while working or studying.


Updating your Discord status is a fast and effortless way to inform others of what’s going on with you or how you are feeling. By following our tips in this article and making the most out of this feature, you can stand out amongst other Discord users and use your status updates to promote other social media platforms and boost website rankings with ease! Become an expert Discord user now with these expert tools at your disposal and outrank other websites and become the master of Discord statuses!


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