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How to Fix SSL Error on iPhone – get complete details

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a security protocol designed to create an encrypted link between websites and web browsers. When visiting a website, your browser sends a request to its server; in response, its server sends out an SSL certificate which your browser verifies before creating an encrypted link with that website.

However, SSL errors may arise if your browser cannot establish a secure connection to a website for various reasons, including an expired or misconfigured SSL certificate or server configuration issues. When this occurs, an SSL error message appears stating that data may be at risk and your browsing may not be secure.

Causes of SSL errors on iPhones

There can be various reasons for SSL errors to appear on iPhones, as detailed here. Below are just a few reasons.

Outdated iOS version, incorrect date and time settings, misconfiguration of SSL certificate on server, network connectivity issues, proxy server interference are some causes for SSL errors on iPhones. Below are solutions to address them.

Update Your iPhone Software

Strictly follow these steps to update the software on your iPhone:

Adjust date and time settings on iPhone

If the date and time settings on your iPhone are incorrect, SSL errors could arise. To correct them, follow these steps.

Clear Safari’s Cache and Cookies

If Safari’s cache and cookies become corrupted, SSL errors can occur. To clear them out quickly and effectively, follow these steps:

Install an SSL certificate manually

If your server’s SSL certificate is misconfigured, SSL errors may arise. To manually install the SSL certificate yourself, follow these steps:

Contact the website administrator and request the SSL certificate, then email it directly to yourself and open it on your iPhone, tapping to install.

Disable Proxy Server Interference

If a proxy server is interfering with your iPhone’s connection to websites, SSL errors could occur. To stop proxy server interference and restore SSL connectivity on iPhone, follow these steps:

Go into Settings on your iPhone, tap Wi-Fi, then the information icon of the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, and disable “HTTP Proxy”


SSL errors can be frustrating, but they’re easily fixed using the solutions outlined here. We hope this article has provided you with everything necessary to eliminate your SSL error on iPhone, and now enjoy secure browsing experience. To minimize future incidents of SSL errors on your phone make sure your software updates and date/time settings are all correct; keep track of these settings regularly so they are accurate.


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