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How to Remove Community Guidelines Strike on Instagram – everything you to need know

Instagram is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms, boasting millions of daily active users who post content. Instagram enforces certain community guidelines rules to ensure all users abide by them respectfully and follow platform regulations; unfortunately this may result in some receiving community guidelines strikes which can be both frustrating and confusing to navigate – in this guide, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to remove community guidelines strikes on Instagram.

Comprehending Community Standards Is Essential

Before we dive into how to remove community guidelines strikes, it’s essential to understand their purpose and why someone might receive one. Community guidelines strikes are Instagram’s way of enforcing its rules and regulations on its platform and can be given for posting inappropriate material or spamming other users.

As soon as Instagram detects a violation of community guidelines, they will send out an immediate alert about it and potentially warn or ban you depending on its severity.

How to Dismiss Community Guidelines Violations on Instagram

Review the Guidelines.

Step one in clearing community guidelines strikes is reviewing them thoroughly to understand where you may have infringed. Instagram provides a comprehensive set of rules all users should abide by that can be found on their website, so take some time and review these to identify which rule may have been broken by you.

Appeal a Strike

Once you have studied and identified any violations to Instagram’s guidelines, the next step should be appealing the strike. To do this, follow Instagram’s instructions provided in their notification to you; typically this means filling out a form and providing any required documentation (for instance a screenshot of any violations).

Noticing the appeal process may take time; do not expect an instantaneous reply from Instagram. Be patient as they assess your appeal.

Submit An Appeal

If your appeal does not receive a reply within an acceptable amount of time, it’s essential that you follow up. Reaching out to Instagram support or submitting another appeal are effective methods of doing this.

Learn from Mistakes

Learning from your mistakes is essential if you wish to avoid community guidelines strikes in the future. Take some time now to review all applicable guidelines and ensure you’re abiding by them all.


Receiving community guidelines strikes on Instagram can be distressing, but by following the steps outlined here to remove them you can ensure you’re complying with all rules and regulations on the platform. By reviewing guidelines, appealing the strike, following up and learning from past errors you can ensure you remain compliant and make changes as needed to remain compliant.

If you require further assistance regarding how to unblock community guidelines strikes on Instagram, reach out to its support team for additional help.


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