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does origin command and conquer work on windows 10? – read all facts here

Since its release in the mid-1990s, Command and Conquer has been a favourite among gaming enthusiasts. Due to its long-lasting legacy and the challenges of compatibility brought about by technological advances, it is important to ask: Does Origin Command and Conquer run on Windows 10?

Command and Conquer – A Brief History

The Command and Conquer series, originally released by Westwood Studios and then by EA (Electronic Arts), has undergone multiple versions throughout its history. Origin, an EA-developed digital distribution platform, contains many of these versions.

Origin offers the remastered version, which was released in 2020. The remastered version of Command and Conquer was released in 2020 and is available through Origin.

Modern Gaming Systems: Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues with older games are becoming more common as technology advances. Windows 10 doesn’t always run games designed for previous versions of Windows. Software is constantly changing, and the operating system changes quickly. This can lead to older games such as Command and Conquer having issues running on Windows 10.

Command and Conquer for Windows 10

C&C fans will be happy to know that the remastered game works on Windows 10. EA made sure that the game was compatible with the latest systems and Windows versions at the time. EA is likely to continue to support and update the game to ensure it works on the latest Windows versions, given the popularity of the game.

Windows 10: Smooth gaming experience

Even though compatibility is guaranteed, players may encounter problems. Some of the most common problems are graphics that don’t render correctly, audio problems, and games that won’t launch. There are ways to fix these problems.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Update graphics drivers: Make sure your graphics drivers are always up-to-date. The latest drivers will solve many performance problems in games.
  2. Try running the game using compatibility mode. You can still encounter issues if you run the game with compatibility. Click on the.exe of the game, select ‘Properties,’ then ‘Compatibility.’ You can choose to run the game in compatibility mode with an older version Windows.
  3. Contact EA Support: In the event that none of the options above work, you may want to contact EA Support. They can diagnose and fix any persistent problems you may be experiencing.


Origin Command and Conquer works on Windows 10 thanks to EA’s efforts to update and remaster the game to work with modern systems. You may encounter minor compatibility issues, but these are usually resolved by following some troubleshooting tips. Relive the nostalgia of Command and Conquer battles on your Windows 10 computer!


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