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how to view thumbnails in windows 10? – Explore all details

Windows 10, Microsoft’s flagship operating system, offers a variety of features to enhance the user experience. A feature that enhances user experience is the ability of viewing files as thumbnails. Thumbnails, which are smaller versions of images or videos that summarize the content in a single glance, allow you to quickly see what they contain. This article will guide you through the steps to enable and use thumbnail previews on Windows 10.

Understanding Thumbnails

What are thumbnails?

Thumbnails are small images that show the full content of a document. These thumbnails are particularly useful for media files, such as videos or photos. They allow users to see a quick preview without having to open the file.

Enabling thumbnail previews

Open File Explorer

To open the File Explorer, press the “Windows” key and the letter “E” on your keyboard at the same time. You can also click the folder icon in your taskbar, or search ‘File Explorer” from the Start menu.

Access Folder Options

Click on the tab ‘View’ on the ribbon located at the top right of the window once File Explorer has opened. On the right-hand side of the ‘View tab’, click on ‘Options.’ Select ‘Change search and folder options’.

Adjust the View Settings

You will be presented with a new window called ‘Folder Options.’ This window will open the ‘View tab’. You’ll find here advanced settings which determine the way your files and directories are displayed.

Uncheck the ‘Always show Icons, never Thumbnails” option

You’ll see an option called ‘Never show thumbnails, always show icons’ under the section ‘Files and Folders. This option is checked by default and disables thumbnail previews. Uncheck this box to enable thumbnails.

Apply the Changes

Click on “Apply” at the bottom of ‘Folder Options.’ to make the changes. Click ‘OK” to close the window.

Change Thumbnail size

File Explorer Thumbnail Size Adjustment

You may want to adjust the thumbnail size to your liking after enabling thumbnail previews. You can easily adjust thumbnail sizes in File Explorer by using the “View” tab. You can select from a variety of thumbnail sizes, including ‘Extra Large Icons’, “Large Icons”, “Medium Icons”, or “Small” icons.


Thumbnails provide a visual and practical way to browse through your files. They allow you to see a preview of each file without having to open it. You can reverse these changes at any time. Simply return to the Folder Option window and uncheck the box that says “Always display icons, never thumbnails”. These steps will enhance the Windows 10 experience by making file navigation easier and more visually appealing.


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