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can windows 10 read fat32? – Explore all details

Operating systems are designed for interaction with different storage devices. This functionality is vital because it determines the way files are read, wrote, and organized. Windows 10 supports several file formats, just like its predecessors. FAT32 is the oldest and most compatible of these file systems. Windows 10 can read FAT32, but how? This article will examine the relationship between Windows 10 FAT32 and FAT32.

Understanding FAT32

It’s important to know what FAT32 and why it exists before we can understand how Windows 10 works with it.

What is Fat32?

FAT32 was introduced by Microsoft as an upgrade of the FAT16 file system in 1996. The “32” of FAT32 refers to 32-bit, which is the number of bits needed to track the location of each file on a disk.

FAT32 is known for its wide compatibility with a variety of devices and operating systems including Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is the standard file system for SD Cards up to 32GB.

FAT32 limitations

FAT32 has some limitations, even though it is widely compatible. It cannot be used to store files bigger than 4GB nor partitions greater than 8TB. Its versatility, despite these limitations, makes it an ideal choice for removable storage like USB flash drives or memory cards.

Windows 10 and FAT32 – A compatible pair

Windows 10, as well as other modern operating system, is designed to support a wide range of file systems including FAT32. It can read, manage, and write files on a FAT32 without additional software or drivers.

Read FAT32 files on Windows 10

Windows 10 recognizes a FAT32 device immediately when it is connected. The operating system assigns a drive letter to the device, which makes it visible under ‘This PC or My Computer’. The device can be browsed, opened and copied as you would any other drive.

Write to FAT32 in Windows 10

Windows 10 can read and write to FAT32. You can copy and save files on a FAT32 disk, as well as edit or add to existing files. You can’t write files bigger than 4GB due to FAT32 file size limitations.

Formatting Drives as FAT32 on Windows 10

You may want to format a drive as FAT32 if you plan to use it with more than one device or operating system. Windows 10’s Disk Management tool allows you to format a drive or partition as FAT32.

Formatting a drive as FAT32

Windows 10 allows you to format a disk as FAT32. To do this, you need to first open Disk Management. Then, you will find the drive that you wish to format. Right-click on it and choose ‘Format. You can select FAT32 in the dialog box. Windows 10 formats the drive to FAT32 after you confirm your selection and click ‘OK.’ Formatting the drive will erase all files, so make sure you have backed up important data before proceeding.


Windows 10 is able to read and write FAT32. FAT32 is a file system that many users find useful despite its limitations. Windows 10 can interact with FAT32, ensuring that it is accessible on a wide range of devices


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