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why does windows 10 keep changing my default browser? – get complete details

Internet browsers have become essential tools in today’s digital world. We all have our own preferences when it comes down to choosing a default browser. Windows 10 has been reported to automatically change the default browser settings despite our preferences. This article will examine the causes of this problem and suggest possible solutions.

Windows 10 Updates: Their impact on default browser settings

Forced updates and their effects

Windows 10 updates are a major factor in the automatic changes to default browser settings. Microsoft releases regular updates to maintain stability and security of its operating system. These forced updates may alter user preferences and default browser settings.

Compatibility issues with older software

Windows 10 updates can cause compatibility problems with older software. This includes third-party web browsers. The operating system may switch to Microsoft Edge as the default browser in Windows 10. It is done in order to avoid users being left with a non-functional or unstable browser after an upgrade.

Reset Apps Unintentionally

Accidental reset during Windows 10 installation or upgrade

Users may reset default apps including browsers during the installation or upgrade of Windows 10. If the user chooses “Use Express Settings” instead of “Customize Settings”, this can happen. Users may have unintentionally agreed to Microsoft Edge being their default browser by selecting the “Use Express settings” option.

Corrupted default apps configuration

A corrupted configuration of default apps is another possible reason for the change. This can be due to a number of reasons, including a malware infection or an improper shutdown. Windows 10 may reset default apps back to their original settings when the configuration is corrupted. This includes changing the browser from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.

  • Microsoft Edge Promotion and Its Effects

Marketing Strategies that are Aggressive

Microsoft is known for aggressively marketing its products. Microsoft Edge has been promoted in a way that encourages users to use their browser. In an effort to increase Microsoft Edge’s adoption rate, the operating system could change the default setting of the browser to Microsoft Edge.

Edge Integration in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is tightly integrated into the Windows 10 operating systems. This integration allows users to enjoy a seamless web browsing experience. It can also mean that the browser will sometimes become the default option, particularly during updates or when the other browsers do not work properly.

Possible solutions to prevent default browser changes

Set the default browser manually

It is important to manually set the browser you prefer as your default to avoid any unexpected changes. Click on “Default Apps” in the “Settings app.” You can select your preferred browser by selecting the drop-down list next to “Web Browser.”

Update Third-Party Browsers

To avoid compatibility problems caused by Windows 10 upgrades, make sure that your third-party web browser is always updated. Although most browsers offer an automatic update, it is a good idea periodically to check for updates manually. Staying up to date helps you stay compatible with Windows 10’s latest updates, and it reduces the chance that your default browser will be changed.

Create an System Restore point

It is useful to create a system restoration point in order to preserve your system settings and default apps. You can restore your system to its previous state by creating a restore-point if you change the default browser. Search for “create restore point” to create one.

Select “System Properties” from the Windows 10 search bar, and click “Create”.

Windows 10 privacy settings:

Windows 10’s Privacy Settings are also useful to prevent unintentional resets of your default web browser. You can disable the tracking of app launches by Windows to improve search and Start results under the “General” tab. Windows 10 will not change your default browser automatically based on your usage.


Understanding the reasons for this change can help users prevent it. This change is a result of regular updates, compatibility problems, unintentional resettings and Microsoft’s aggressive marketing of Edge.

Users can still maintain their favorite default browser by manually setting it, updating third-party web browsers, creating a restore point and using Windows 10 privacy options. Windows 10 was designed to offer a seamless, secure experience. However, users must have the ability to control their own settings. This includes their default browser.


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