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how do you check if windows 7 is genuine or cracked? – get complete details

Windows authenticity is critical to ensuring the security and performance of your device. Windows 7 is still widely used around the world due to its easy-to-use interface and low system requirements. Users often have trouble distinguishing between the genuine and cracked versions. This article will show you how to determine if Windows 7 is cracked or genuine.

Cracked and Genuine Windows

It’s important to know the difference between a genuine version and a cracked one of Windows 7 before you begin.

Genuine Windows 7

Microsoft licenses a genuine Windows 7 copy. Microsoft will provide you with updates, security patches and technical support. Windows 7 genuine copies include a Certificate of Authenticity, a proof of licensing label and a product code.

Cracked Windows 7

A cracked version of Windows 7 on the other hand is a version that has been obtained illegally. These versions bypass Microsoft’s product activation procedures and licensing, leading to compromised security and limited updates. They also lack technical support.

Checking Windows 7 Authenticity

There are several ways to verify that Windows 7 is authentic.

System Control Panel

  1. Select “Control Panel” by clicking the “Start button”.
  2. Click on “System” under “System and Security”.
  3. Check the status at the bottom of the window under “Windows activation”. If the message “Windows is activated”, and there is a Microsoft logo, then your copy of Windows 7 must be genuine.

Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool

  1. Install the Microsoft Genuine Advantage diagnostic tool from the Microsoft official website.
  2. Check the “Validation Status” by running the tool. If the “Genuine” option is displayed, your Windows 7 version is authentic.

Slmgr with -xpr command

  1. Right-click the “Command Prompt”, then click “Run As Administrator”.
  2. Press “Enter” after typing “slmgr-xpr”. You will see a window that shows the status of activation for your Windows 7 version. It will tell you if it is genuine.

The Risks of Cracked Windows 7

Windows 7 cracked versions expose your system to a number of risks. These include:

  1. Security vulnerabilities: Cracked version often lacks important security updates leaving your system vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks.
  2. Performance Issues Pirated copies often cause frequent crashes and performance problems.
  3. Limited Features: Some features and updates are not available or restricted in cracked versions.
  4. Legal Consequences Software piracy can result in significant penalties.


It is important to ensure that your Windows 7 operating system is authentic for the sake of both performance and security. You can avoid risks by using the methods above to verify the authenticity of your Windows 7 system. Remember to purchase software legally in order to maintain the integrity of the software and support the developer.


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