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where is the tools menu in file explorer windows 10? – get complete details

Windows 10’s File Explorer allows users to easily navigate through their files and folders. This application is resource-rich, with an intuitive interface and many functionalities for managing your system’s information. The ‘Tools menu’ is one of the most frequently asked questions by users.

Understanding the File Explorer User Interface

It’s essential to understand how the File Explorer is laid out before you can find the Tools menu. Windows 10’s File Explorer has several sections on the left, including Quick Access, OneDrive and This PC. The detailed view is located on the right. The Ribbon menu is located at the top of the window. It contains a variety of commands that are grouped under tabs such as ‘Home,’ ‘Share,’ ‘View,’ and ‘File.

The ‘Tools menu’ was located in the menu bar on the top of older versions Windows like Windows XP and Windows 7. Microsoft changed the File Explorer interface with Windows 8 and Windows 10. This improved its visual appeal and usability, but it also caused some confusion as to where certain features had been relocated.

Where can I find the Tools menu?

The ‘Tools menu’ as we know it does not exist in Windows 10. The Ribbon menu has been redesigned to integrate its functionality in a more intuitive and distributed way. Options that were previously found under the Tools menu are now spread across the Ribbon menu.

Folder Options” Under the ‘View Tab’

The ‘Folder options’ were a key component of the old ‘Tools menu’. These options are accessible in Windows 10 File Explorer via the tab ‘View. You will find ‘Options” on the right-hand side of ‘View’. You can choose ‘Change search and folder options’ by clicking on the ‘Options” drop-down menu. The ‘Folder options’ dialog box will appear, allowing you to change various settings related how folders and documents are displayed and behave.

Map Network Drive and Disconnect Network Drive under the ‘Computer Tab’

Map or disconnect network drives was another functionality available under the old “Tools” menu. Windows 10 File Explorer has moved this feature to the ‘Computer tab’. The ‘Network section’ of the Ribbon menu will contain the options to ‘Map network drives’ and Disconnect networks drives’.

Quick Access Toolbar: Make Navigation Easier

The Ribbon System in File Explorer is a powerful tool that offers many features. However, for users who are familiar with the old ‘Tools” menu, the Ribbon can be overwhelming. Windows 10 offers a quick access toolbar to help with this problem. This toolbar can be customized to include commands that are frequently used. It is located in the upper-left corner.

Click on the Ribbon and then select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” to add any command. You can then have the most frequently used ‘tools at your fingertips, no matter what tab you’re on.


Windows 10 File Explorer has been updated to include the traditional “Tools” menu. However, the functions of this menu have been integrated into other parts of the program. The Ribbon interface is more visually appealing and offers easy access to many commands. Understanding how this works


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