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do i need bonjour on windows 10? – everything you to need know

Users are often confused when they find a program named “Bonjour”, on their Windows 10 computers. The service, which originated from Apple and is available on Windows due to other Apple software being installed, was originally found by Apple. Is it really necessary?

What is Bonjour

The Brief Overview of Bonjour

Apple’s implementation of zero configuration networking, originally called Rendezvous, Bonjour, was first known as Rendezvous. This technology allows automatic discovery of IP networks and devices. This technology is used to automatically discover devices and services on an IP network.

What is Bonjour?

The Source of Bonjour

It is possible that you are wondering why Apple software has been installed on your Windows computer. It is true that Bonjour gets installed along with popular software such as iTunes or Adobe Suite which uses the service in various ways. It’s not a program you download and install on your own.

What is Bonjour?

Bonjour is a Windows-based system that provides functionalities similar to Apple’s system. You can share libraries between computers in the same network using iTunes, locate AirPlay devices or find local printers with Adobe Photoshop.

Does Windows 10 require Bonjour?

Evaluation of Bonjour’s Utility

It depends on how you use your Windows 10 computer. You will want it if you use it regularly, such as sharing iTunes libraries, or Adobe software that has local network capabilities. If you do not use these services, and would prefer a more lean system, then it might be unnecessary.

What is the impact of uninstalling Bonjour?

The normal operation of Windows will not be affected by uninstalling Bonjour. You may lose certain functionality depending on the software. iTunes may not allow you to connect to libraries shared on your network or share libraries. Adobe software may not allow you to use or discover network printers.

How to handle Bonjour on Windows 10

Keep Bonjour

It’s best to leave Bonjour installed if you use services that require it. It is a lightweight system service. It’s worth having on your system as long as you use its features.

Remove Bonjour

You can uninstall Bonjour from the Control Panel’s ‘Programs and Features.’ You should be aware of any potential impact on other software. This is especially true if you use iTunes or Adobe products.


It is largely dependent on the software you use. It is not essential to the operation of Windows. While it offers valuable network functionality for certain programs, it’s not necessary for Windows as a whole. Be sure to understand the potential consequences of uninstalling this program.

If your software doesn’t need Bonjour, you can remove it from the system to keep things streamlined. If you do, the resource footprint of Bonjour is so small that it shouldn’t have a significant impact on your system’s performance.


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