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Windows Explorer is the primary file manager of Microsoft Windows. It was previously known as File Explorer.

Understanding the role of a file manager

File managers are essential software applications that provide a user-friendly interface for managing files and folders in a computer. Users can perform many tasks with it, including creating, opening and renaming files and directories, as well as moving, copying and deleting them. It would be much more difficult to interact with the computer’s files without a file manager.

File Manager is an integral part of the operating system

Microsoft Windows has had a file manager since its very inception. Windows’ early versions used “MS-DOS Executive”, which was replaced later by “Windows File Manager.” Since the release of Windows 95 “Windows Explorer” is the default file manager.

Windows Explorer H2: The Evolution

Windows Explorer (also known as “Explorer”, “Windows Shell” or “Windows Shell”) is more than a simple file manager. The desktop, taskbar and start menu are also displayed by Windows Explorer.

Microsoft renamed the Windows Explorer to “File Explorer” in Windows 8. File Explorer was given a ribbon-style interface similar to that of Microsoft Office to make it easier for users to access more features.

File Explorer H3: Features that are Key

File Explorer is a feature in Windows 10 that helps users organize their files and folders. These features include:

  • Quick Access: This feature pins frequently used folders and files to the top of the screen, so users can open them faster.
  • File Explorer includes a search bar that allows users to find files and folders directly in the File Explorer.
  • Preview Pane: The feature lets users preview a file’s content without having to open it.
  • Details Pane: This pane displays detailed information, such as its properties, about the selected file or directory.
  • Ribbon Interface: The ribbon interface allows quick access to many of the file management commands.

File Management in Windows: The Future

Microsoft has continued to improve and innovate its file management features, even though File Explorer is still a key component of Windows. Microsoft has begun to integrate cloud services like OneDrive directly into its file manager. This integration allows users access to their cloud-stored documents directly from File Explorer. It blurs the lines between local and cloud storage.


File Explorer is the new name for the Microsoft Windows file manager, which was previously known as Windows File Manager. Microsoft has been working to improve file management for years. File Explorer is still a very important tool for Windows users, and it will likely remain that way for the foreseeable.


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