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how much memory does windows 10 use? – everything you to need know

This post explores how Windows 10 manages memory, factors that affect it and the best way to do it.

What is memory usage?

RAM is the type of memory that your computer uses for storing data. This includes running applications, system processes and active user tasks.

Windows 10 Memory Usage Typical Windows 10 Memory Usage

Windows 10 memory consumption is affected by a number of factors. The version of Windows 10, the number of installed applications and even the hardware configuration of your PC can all affect memory usage.

Windows 10 needs 2GB in the 64-bit edition and 1GB in the 32-bit to maintain stability and run basic functions. This is the minimum requirement, but real-world usage could be higher.

Windows 10 32-bit vs. 64-bit

Windows 10 can be installed in either 32-bit or a 64-bit version. Windows 10 has two versions, 32-bit and a 64-bit. The 64-bit computer is capable of handling up to 18.4 Terabytes compared to only 4GB on the 32-bit.

Impact on Applications

Windows 10’s operating systems is not the only thing that impacts memory usage. Applications and processes also have an impact. Memory usage can be increased by video editing software, multiple browser tabs, and games.

Windows 10 Memory Management: How to manage memory usage

There are many ways to reduce the amount of memory Windows 10 uses.

Monitor Memory Usage

Monitoring memory is the first step to managing it. Ctrl+Shift+Esc will give you access to ‘Task Manager,’ a Windows 10 tool. This tool will show how much memory has been used by which applications and processes.

Close all unnecessary programs

Close the application if you don’t need it. Close the application to make space for other programs and processes.

Upgrade Your Hardware

It is worth upgrading your hardware if you find that your memory level is constantly low. It is particularly important if you have software that uses a large amount of memory.


Windows 10’s memory usage can be affected by a number of factors. Despite the fact that the 64-bit version has a 2GB base footprint, the actual memory usage may be higher. Users can improve their computer performance by monitoring and managing memory usage.


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