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what is the difference between samsung messages and android messages? – get complete details

You’ve probably used several different messaging apps on your Android phone. If you own a Samsung smartphone, you may have noticed two competing apps vying for your attention: Samsung Messages, and Android Messages. This article provides a detailed comparison between Samsung Messages vs Android Messages to help you make an informed decision.

Samsung Messages Introduction

Samsung Messages, the default messaging application for Samsung smartphones, is available as a free download. This pre-installed program offers SMS, MMS and RCS (Rich Communication Services). Samsung’s messaging platform is a proprietary system that boasts a number of features to seamlessly integrate with Samsung’s UI.

Samsung Messages Key Features

Samsung Messages is a versatile messaging app that offers a wide range of features, from basic texting to advanced ones. It offers group conversations, file sharing, receipts of read messages, and typing indicator. Samsung Messages’ native integration into Samsung’s ecosystem is a significant advantage. You can sync your messages between Samsung devices, and use other Samsung services or apps. It lacks a native interface for desktop use, and RCS may not function optimally on non-Samsung products.

Introduction To Android Messages

Google’s messaging service, Android Messages (now Google Messages), is Google. It supports SMS, MMS and RCS, just like Samsung Messages. Google Messages, which is the default messaging application for non-Samsung Android phones, can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Android Messages Key Features

Google Messages is unique in its support for RCS. It allows you to share high-quality media, send read receipts and type indicators between compatible devices. It also comes with a web-based messaging client that allows you to send and receive text messages from your computer. The Google-designed interface is clean and minimalist, in contrast to Samsung Messages, which has a more cluttered look.

Comparison of Samsung Messages with Android Messages

Both apps offer similar services but differ in terms of user experience, compatibility, and design.

User Experience Design

Samsung Messages was designed to work seamlessly with Samsung’s One UI. This results in a consistent, seamless look and feel across all Samsung devices. Apps are usually colorful with a traditional layout. Google Messages, on the other hand aligns itself with Google’s Material Design, and offers a minimalistic, clean aesthetic. Both apps offer dark modes, but Google Messages has an added feature that sorts messages automatically into categories.

Integration and Compatibility

Samsung Messages is a great app because of its seamless integration into the Samsung ecosystem. This app is a good choice if you are heavily invested in Samsung devices and services. The app’s RCS feature may not work with non-Samsung devices.

Google Messages is a Google service and integrates seamlessly with Google’s services. It has a powerful search engine powered by Google Search that allows users to easily find messages. It is also compatible with more Android devices. This ensures a seamless experience for users of different phone brands.

Desktop Support

Google Messages is the clear winner in terms of desktop compatibility. The web client allows users to send and receive SMS from any web-connected mobile device. This feature is currently missing in Samsung Messages.


Samsung Messages or Android Messages? It all comes down to your preferences and requirements. Samsung Messages is a good choice if you want a seamless experience across Samsung devices and services. If you are more concerned with security, then Samsung Messages is the best option.


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