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how do i pin an email to the taskbar in windows 10? – Explore all details

Windows 10 offers a high degree of customization that allows you to create an interface tailored to your needs. A great feature of Windows 10 is the ability for you to pin anything on the taskbar to make it easier to access. This includes applications, websites and files. This article will walk you through the steps to pin an email on the Windows 10 Taskbar.

Why Pin Emails to Taskbars?

It is important to know the benefits of the feature before you begin. You can easily pin an important email to the taskbar with just a few clicks.

It is useful to save emails that you refer to often, like an important email, a project over a period of time, or a note from someone special.

How to pin an email to the taskbar in Windows 10

This is a guide that shows you how to pin an e-mail to the Windows 10 taskbar. Note that these steps can vary depending on the email client or provider you use.

Step 1: Open your email

Open the email that you wish to pin on your taskbar. You can do this using a web-based client like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.com, or a desktop client like Microsoft Outlook.

Create an Email Shortcut

You’ll then want to create a short-cut to the email. Copying the URL from the email is the easiest method to create a shortcut if you’re using a web-based client. If you are using a desktop client, search for the “Create Shortcuts” option.

Follow these steps to send a web-based e-mail:

  1. Click on the email to open it.
  2. Select the complete URL in the address bar.
  3. Click on the link and choose ‘Copy.

Follow these steps to send an email from a desktop:

  1. Click on the email to open it.
  2. You can find this icon by clicking on the ‘More actions’ or ‘…’ button in your email client.
  3. Choose ‘Create Shortcut” or an option similar.

Create a shortcut on your desktop

The next step after obtaining the URL is to create a desktop shortcut. To send an email via the web:

  1. Click on the desktop.
  2. Select ‘New > Shortcut’.
  3. Copy the URL and paste it in the ‘Create Shortcuts’ dialogue box.
  4. Click “Next”, name your shortcut and click “Finish”.

Pin your shortcut to the Taskbar

This new shortcut will now be pinned to the taskbar. Simply:

  1. Click on the shortcut that you have just created.
  2. Select ‘Pin taskbar’ from the drop-down list.
  3. Your email will be pinned on the taskbar so that you can easily access it.


Follow these steps to pin any important email on your Windows 10 taskbar, making it easy to access at any time. This is just one way you can customize Windows 10 to suit your needs and style of productivity. Note that the steps may vary slightly depending on your email client or service providers.

You can easily customize your Windows 10 to make it easier for you to access important emails. Windows 10 customizations allow you to pin more than just emails.


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