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How to Send Pictures on Discord Server – Step-by-Step Guide

Discord is a popular communication platform that enables users to exchange text, voice and video conversations. One of its most widely used features is picture sending; we will show you how it works here.

Step 1: Launch the Discord App

The first step in sending pictures on Discord is opening its app on your device; if it isn’t already there, download it from their website or app store.

Step 2: Join a Server

To send photos on Discord, it is necessary for you to be part of a server. If you aren’t already part of one, clicking on the plus icon on the left-hand side of Discord’s app and selecting “Join a Server” can get you into one – simply enter an invite code or select one from our recommended server list and follow its prompts.

Step 3: Navigate to a Channel

Once you have joined a server, the next step should be finding the channel where you wish to send your image. Channels serve like chat rooms within servers; each channel specializes in one topic.

Step 4: Click Attachment Icon

To upload pictures onto Discord, simply click on the paperclip-shaped attachment icon located on the left-hand side of your message box.

Step 5: Choose Your Attachment

Once you click on the attachment icon, you’ll be asked to select which photo(s) to send – either from your device or URL.

Step 6: Add a Caption (Optional)

Once you have chosen the picture you wish to send, adding a caption may provide additional context and improve comprehension of what the photo shows. Adding one is optional but could provide added clarity about its subject matter.

Step 7: Click Send

When ready, press the send button to upload your picture directly into the channel for all members to see. It should appear soon enough in the channel for viewing by all.


Uploading photos to Discord is an easy and straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. By following the guidelines outlined here, you should now be able to send images on any server you belong to on Discord. If any issues arise when doing this, reach out to either your server’s moderators or Discord’s support team for help.

We hope that this article has been beneficial in providing guidance through the process of sending pictures on Discord. If you have any comments or feedback on it, please let us know below in the comments section.


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