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how to edit in capcut – Step-by-Step Guide

Are you searching for an easy-to-use video editing app on your mobile device? Look no further than CapCut! In this article, we provide an in-depth tutorial on editing in CapCut from importing footage to adding effects and transitions – you’ll quickly be creating professional looking videos! Follow along with us and you will soon be editing like a pro!

Import Your Footage:

Before editing in CapCut, the first step will be importing your footage. To do this, launch the app and select “New Project,” from there you can import videos and photos either from your camera roll or cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

After you’ve imported your footage, CapCut makes organizing it much simpler. By creating folders to organize your clips and find what you need when editing is underway.

Edit Your Footage:

Now that you’ve imported your footage, it’s time to edit! CapCut provides an extensive array of editing tools and features, making it simple for anyone new to editing to produce professional-looking videos even without prior experience.

Trimming and Splitting Clips:

As your first task, trim your clips down to their desired lengths. To do so, select the clip you wish to edit and drag its sliders at the bottom of the screen until both its start and end points meet your criteria.

If you need to break a clip up into multiple parts, simply select it and tap on the scissors icon. From here you can drag the sliders to mark where exactly the split should occur.

Effects and Transitions: Adding Effects and Transitions:

CapCut provides an extensive array of effects and transitions to further customize your videos. To add one, simply select the clip you’d like it applied to and tap on the effects/transitions icon at the bottom of your screen – then you can choose from filters, text overlays, fades and wipes, among many others!

Adjusting Audio:

Along with editing your video footage, CapCut also allows you to easily adjust its audio. From volume changes and adding music or sound effects, to recording voiceover narration directly into the app’s voiceover feature and more!

Export Your Video:

mes After editing your video, the next step should be exporting it for sharing with others. CapCut offers various export settings that fit your specific needs: resolution and aspect ratio are just some options available to you when exporting videos using CapCut. Just tap “Export Now!” to save it to your hard drive!


CapCut is an easy and powerful video editing app with an array of tools and features designed for every level of video editor – from professional videographers to newcomers looking to get their feet wet with video editing on mobile devices. So what are you waiting for? Download CapCut today and begin editing!


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