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How to See Level in Valorant – read all facts here

Valorant is an increasingly popular competitive shooter game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Boasting unique gameplay, interesting characters, and challenging objectives, Valorant quickly established itself as one of the premier shooters on offer. One key aspect of Valorant that determines your rank in-game is your level – this article provides all the necessary details on how to access it in Valorant.

What Is Valorant Level?

Valorant level is a metric used to rank players within a game. It serves as an indication of your skill and experience levels and is determined by factors like how many matches have been played, won rounds and overall performance in the game.

How Can You Check Your Valorant Level?

  • To quickly view your level in Valorant, follow these easy steps:

Launch and login to your game account, then navigate to the Career tab in the top right corner of the main menu. Here, you will be able to see your level, ranking, win-loss record, and other statistics.

Understanding Your Valorant Level

Your Valorant level is an integral factor that determines your rank in the game. A higher Valorant level means more rewards and perks will become available to you; its determination depends on factors like the number of matches played, rounds won, and overall performance within the game.

How Can You Increase Your Valorant Level?

In order to increase your Valorant level, focus on improving both gameplay and performance in-game. Below are a few strategies which may help speed up this process:

Practice regularly and sharpen your skills. Put emphasis on teamwork and communication between teammates. Recognize and learn from mistakes when playing in ranked matches to gain experience faster and level up faster.
Select weapons and abilities that complement your playstyle.


Your Valorant level is an integral metric that defines your rank in the game, and by following the steps outlined here you can easily view and understand how you can improve your gameplay and level up more quickly. With hard work and regular practice you can reach high ranks within Valorant and become one of its premier players.


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