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How to Check Apple AirPods Original with Serial Number

If you have recently purchased Apple AirPods or are in the process of considering them for purchase, it’s crucial that they are authentic. As counterfeit products proliferate, distinguishing genuine from fake AirPods can be challenging – however Apple provides an easy way to ensure originality through serial number verification. In this guide we’ll walk through how you can check their authenticity using this process.

Locating the Serial Number

Locating your serial number is the first step in verifying authenticity of AirPods. For this task, follow these simple steps.

Unlock and open your AirPods case. On its back, locate a small button marked “Pairing”. Press and hold this button until the LED light on the front begins blinking white. Now open up your iPhone or iPad Settings app, tap “General”, “About”, scroll down until you see “AirPods”, tap it, and view its serial number displayed on screen.

Verifying the Serial Number.

Now that you have located the serial number for your AirPods, it’s important to verify its authenticity. Here are the steps:

Enter your AirPod serial number into Apple’s website (checkcoverage.apple.com ) in order to activate coverage for them.
Follow the prompts to complete the verification process for your AirPods. If they are authentic, the website will confirm this fact, giving you peace of mind that they are genuine. However, if it reports otherwise and reports them as not being genuine then please reach out immediately to Apple Support for assistance.

Why Is It Essential to Verify the Authenticity of AirPods?

Counterfeit AirPods have become an increasing concern, as their use can be dangerous. Counterfeit models typically offer poor sound quality and may not work with Apple devices; furthermore, their subpar construction may harm ears due to potentially toxic materials used for production.

As well as raising safety issues, fake AirPods are also illegal. Selling or buying counterfeit goods constitutes a crime which may incur fines and even jail sentences.


To conclude, it’s crucial that you verify the authenticity of your Apple AirPods using their serial numbers. By taking these steps and following their guidelines, you can ensure your AirPods are genuine and safe to use. Don’t take chances with counterfeit products – always do a verification check first before using any Apple products!


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