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How to Render Preview in Premiere Pro – everything you to need know

Are You an Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editor? Render Previews Before Finalizing

This comprehensive guide will guide you through each step of rendering previews in Premiere Pro, from understanding different types of previews, through rendering processes and optimizing workflow to learning best practices that can streamline your workflow and optimize rendering previews in Premiere Pro. At the conclusion of this guide, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of rendering previews in Premiere Pro that you can apply directly to your video projects.

Before discussing rendering, let’s first establish what previews are in Premiere Pro. Previews are temporary files that allow you to preview edited footage without any lag or stutter; when making changes such as adding effects or changing your color grading settings, Premiere Pro automatically creates new previews to reflect these modifications.

Premiere Pro offers two types of previews: Sequence previews and Export previews. Sequence previews appear when playing back your project in the timeline and help show how your footage looks in context of your edit; export previews appear when rendering final output, providing an insight into how your video will appear after it has been exported.

Once we understand what previews are, let’s tackle rendering previews in Premiere Pro. Follow these steps to render previews:

Start by opening your Premiere Pro project and navigating to the sequence you wish to render previews for. In the menu bar, navigate to Sequence > Render In to Out or press Enter on your keyboard – this will begin rendering previews; you’ll see a progress bar at the top of your screen as this process happens.

  • Once rendering is complete, your project can be played back with smooth playback and real-time effects.
  • Best Practices for Rendering Previews in Premiere Pro
  • To optimize your workflow and get the most from rendering previews in Premiere Pro, here are a few best practices you should keep in mind when rendering previews:
  • Use the appropriate preview codec: Premiere Pro allows you to choose the codec that best meets your previewing needs, and we suggest ProRes or DNxHD as they deliver high-quality previews with minimal compression.
  • Setting Your Preview Resolution: You have complete control of setting the resolution for your previews, with our best advice being to select an option that complies with your project settings for optimal quality results.

Utilize a Dedicated Preview Drive: Rendering previews is often resource intensive, so to ensure maximum efficiency it is wise to dedicate one drive specifically for previews. This will prevent performance issues or data corruption.

Render in Batch: For large projects with multiple sequences, rendering previews in batches is best practice to avoid errors or crashes and make the rendering process more manageable. This helps prevent any possible problems along the way and makes rendering faster overall.


Rendering previews in Premiere Pro is an integral component of video editing workflow, helping save both time and reduce errors. By following the steps outlined here and employing best practices to your specific project requirements, your previews will always be of high-quality and optimized for success.

We hope this guide was beneficial, and encourage you to implement these techniques for your video projects. With practice comes efficiency – the more frequently you render previews in Premiere Pro, the quicker it will become at producing them.


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