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How to Delete Restore Point in Windows 11 – read all facts here

Computer users are always seeking ways to ensure their systems run smoothly. One such strategy is creating restore points – snapshots that allow us to restore our computer back to an earlier state. In this article, we will go over how to set and delete restore points on Windows 11.

Create restore points in Windows 11 is a straightforward process; however, over time they can take up significant space on your hard drive and need to be deleted in order to free up space for other tasks. Therefore, it is crucial that old restore points be deleted in order to free up more room on it.

How to Delete Restore Points in Windows 11

In order to delete restore points on your Windows 11 computer, follow these simple steps:

Press Windows key + S to launch the search bar, type in “Create Restore Point,” and click on its result. When configuring, use “Configure,” while under Disk Space Usage click on “Delete.”
Select the restore points you would like to delete, and click “Delete.” It is important to keep in mind that once deleted, restore points cannot be reinstated to that specific point in time, so only delete restore points you know you won’t require later on.

Restoring Your System to an Existing Restore Point If you have created a restore point and would like to restore your system back to that moment in time, follow these simple steps:

Press Windows Key + S to launch the search bar, type “Create Restore Point,” and click on its result. Lastly, to access System Restore click “System Restore Button.” To continue click “Next.”
Select the restore point that you would like to utilize and click “Next.”
Click “Finish” to initiate the restore process.

Please be aware that restoring to an older restore point will undo any changes made since that particular point in time was selected; thus make sure any important files have been backed up before initiating this step.


In this article, we have examined how to delete and restore points in Windows 11. Deleting older restore points can free up space on your hard drive while rolling back to a previous restore point can undo any changes made on your computer. By following the steps outlined herein, it should be easier for you to manage restore points effectively and keep your PC running smoothly.


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