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How to Play Old Nerdle Play – Explore all details

Welcome to our guide on Old Nerdle Play, an age-old classic enjoyed by generations of players. In this article, we’ll give you all the knowledge and instruction you need to master this fun game and have loads of fun while doing it!

What Is Old Nerdle Play?

Old Nerdle Play is an engaging yet challenging card game which requires concentration and strategy to complete successfully. Played using two or more decks of cards, its goal is for each player to get rid of their entire set before their opponents do – an addictive challenge indeed!

Setting Up the Game

To set up the game, shuffle and distribute face down the deck of cards evenly among all of your players. The number of cards depending on how many are involved will differ; two players should receive 10 while three or more will receive 7 cards per person.

Once all remaining cards have been assembled, they are arranged face down into a pile at the center of the table known as the draw pile. When one card from this pile has been turned over and placed face up near it, this becomes known as the discard pile.

Playing the Game

The player to the left of the dealer goes first. They may select any card with either an identical suit or rank to that found at the top of the discard pile – for example if this top card is a Jack of Hearts then any Jack or Heart card could be played instead.

If a player cannot play any cards from their hand, they must draw from the draw pile. If any card they draw can be played immediately or added to their hand as it stands.

Game play continues clockwise around the table. Each player must play one card if possible; otherwise they must draw one instead.

Old Nerdle Play offers four special cards. These cards include:

Skip Cards: When one player plays a Skip Card, their next turn will be skipped and must draw one card instead. Reverse Cards: Reversal in play direction occurs with every Reverse card played by any one player. Draw Two Cards: If any one plays a Draw Two Card on another player they must then draw two cards and forego their turn altogether.
Wild Card: When a player uses the Wild card, they have the power to select which suit must be played by the next player.

Winning the Game

Play continues until one player no longer has any cards in their hand; that player is then declared the winner of the game. If the draw pile runs out before anyone wins, shuffle up your discard pile (except for its top card ) and use that instead as your draw pile.

Tip and Strategies

  • Pay close attention to how your opponents play their cards and try to remember which cards they have in their hand. Save any special cards that could have a major effect on the game for when it matters most; and try getting rid of any high-ranking cards early on in the game.
  • If you find yourself with only one or two cards remaining, try playing them quickly before your opponents have an opportunity to react.


Now that you understand how to play Old Nerdle Play, gather your friends or family members and play this classic board game together. Be sure to enjoy it and play fair; we hope this guide has been beneficial and that you have an awesome time playing Old Nerdle Play!


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