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How to Make Sticker from Photo on iOS 16 – A Comprehensive Guide

Sticker creation on iOS 16 has quickly become a trendy trend among iPhone users. Thanks to popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage, stickers have become an engaging way to express emotion or relay information. In this guide we will explain how you can turn any photo into an iOS 16 sticker.

Step 1: Choose Your Photo

To begin creating stickers from photos, start by selecting one. It could be anything – from yourself or pets to any image that speaks to you – provided it has good lighting. After selecting it, open it in Photos app for editing.

Step 2: Edit the Photo

Whilst in Photos app, open up a photo you want to edit by tapping on Edit in the top-right corner. This will open editing options that enable you to change brightness, contrast, and other aspects for optimal photos.

Step 3: Employ Markup

Once your editing is complete, click on the Markup button in the top-right corner. This will open the Markup tool, which lets you add text, shapes, and other elements to the photo. For turning an element of a photograph into a sticker use the pen tool to trace around that part; click scissor icon then tap sticker to remove from background.

Step 4: Save Your Sticker

Once your sticker has been completed, click the Done button in the top left corner to return to main editing screen and share/save as Image option for easy storage on camera roll or any messaging app supporting stickers.


Sticker creation on iOS 16 is an easy and enjoyable process that adds a personal touch to your messages. By following the steps outlined here, any photo can easily become a sticker and shared among your family and friends.

We hope that this guide has been informative and beneficial to you, if any questions arise or feedback can be given in the form of comments below please let us know by leaving them below.


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