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How to Limit FPS in Apex Legends – A Comprehensive Guide

Apex Legends makes using FPS (Frames Per Second) limitations an effective way of improving your gaming experience, whether on an expensive gaming PC or mid-range machine. By restricting FPS limits in Apex Legends, we can reduce stuttering, screen tearing and input lag – this guide will detail various methods you can employ to limit FPS in Apex Legends.

Employ In-Game Settings

Apex Legends offers an in-game setting that enables you to adjust the FPS. Here’s how it works:

Launch Apex Legends and click on the gear icon in the lower-right corner of its main menu to access its settings. From there, go into “Video,” select the “Display Mode,” choose either Fullscreen or Borderless Window depending on your personal preference, then scroll down into Advanced and find “FPS Limit.” From here you can set your FPS cap.

Integrating Third-Party Tools

If you prefer using third-party tools to limit your FPS, here are a few options:

NVIDIA Control Panel: If you own an NVIDIA graphics card, the NVIDIA Control Panel can be used to limit FPS. Simply launch it, navigate to “Manage 3D Settings,” click on “Program Settings,” find Apex Legends in the list and set your desired FPS limit by choosing “Maximum prerendered frames.”

RivaTuner Statistics Server: RivaTuner Statistics Server is a third-party tool designed to limit FPS in any game. Download and install RivaTuner Statistics Server before launching it; to add Apex Legends click “Add”, set your FPS limit under “Framerate limit”, and click on “Set your Framerate Limit.”

Editing Game Files

If you have experience editing game files, editing the configuration files of the game to limit FPS can help reduce it significantly. Here’s how:

Navigating to C:Users[Your Username]Saved GamesRespawnApexlocal, use Notepad to open videoconfig.txt file, find “setting.csm_enabled”, and change value to 0.
Locate and adjust the line titled “setting.mat_vsync_mode,” setting its value to “0.” Attainable Save the file and launch Apex Legends after making these changes.


Reducing your FPS in Apex Legends can enhance your gaming experience, by eliminating stuttering, screen tearing and input lag. There are various methods available to you for doing this – in-game settings, third-party tools or game file modifications all can help limit FPS. We hope that this guide has proven helpful; now enjoy smoother gameplay experience!


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