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How to Find and View Contacts on Instagram – The Ultimate Guide

Instagram is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms, allowing users to easily share photos, videos, and messages with their followers and friends alike. Finding and viewing contacts on Instagram may prove challenging if you’re new to using it; in this guide we will demonstrate how to locate contacts quickly and effortlessly on this social media platform.

Instagram Search Features (Instagram Search Feature)

Finding and viewing contacts on Instagram is made simpler using its built-in search feature, which allows you to search by usernames, hashtags and locations.

Follow these steps to use Instagram’s search feature:

Launch the Instagram app on your device, tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen, type in the name of the contact in question into the search bar, and when your desired username appears in search results tap it.
Once you have located your contact, you can view their profile, follow them or send them a message.

Instagram Gives users access to their phone contacts.

If you have connected your phone contacts with Instagram, you can view their profiles and follow them directly from within the Instagram app.

Follow these steps to view your phone contacts on Instagram:

Launch the Instagram app on your device. When the Profile section loads, tap your profile icon located at the bottom right corner. Next, tap three horizontal lines located near the top right corner. Finally, choose Settings from the drop-down menu before Account or Contacts Syncing from within Settings.
Once your contacts have been uploaded to Instagram, the “Connect Contacts” toggle should be activated and their profiles can be found and viewed within your Instagram app’s “Contacts” section.

By Following Instagram’s Suggestions.

Instagram’s suggestion feature can help you discover and view contacts you may not know of, based on your activity on the platform, such as who follows and follows back.

Follow these steps to view Instagram’s suggestions:

Launch Instagram on your device. Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search icon) at the bottom of the screen to begin your search process. Scroll down until you reach “Suggested”, where you’ll find “See All”. For an expanded list, press on “All”.
Follow any of the contacts suggested to you by tapping on “Follow”.

Utilizing Third-Party Tools

There are numerous third-party tools that can assist with finding and viewing contacts on Instagram, such as HypeAuditor, Ninja Outreach and Agora Pulse.

To use these tools, it is necessary to sign up for an account and grant access to your Instagram account. After signing up, these tools allow you to quickly locate and view contacts on Instagram.


Searching and browsing Instagram contacts can be achieved in several ways. Instagram’s built-in search feature, synching phone contacts to Instagram, using its suggestions feature, or third-party tools are among the many methods available for finding contacts on this platform. By following this guide’s suggestions you can quickly expand your network on Instagram.


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