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How to Do the Echo Effect on TikTok – The Ultimate Guide

TikTok Echo Effect – How to use TikTok for echo effects

TikTok is an engaging social media platform that enables users to create short-form videos for sharing with followers. One of its most striking effects, known as Echo Effect, creates an eerie ghost-like trail when shared. Here are the steps for creating it on TikTok:

Step 1: Launch TikTok and press on the ‘+’ symbol to create a video.

Step 2: Choose and record the video that needs an echo effect.

Step 3: Once your video has been recorded, to advance to the next page click on the checkmark and move on.

Step 4: To view effects, select the icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 5: To access the Echo effect, search and select it from your list of effects.

Step 6: Adjust the intensity of the effect by using the slider located on the right-side of your screen.

Step 7: To save and share your video with followers, simply click on the checkmark.

Simply follow these easy-to-use steps, and create the Echo effect on TikTok in no time!

Use Echo Effect in TikTok Videos

  • TikTok videos with the Echo effect provide an engaging way of adding visual interest, so here are a few ideas for using it:
  • Dance Videos: Adding the Echo Effect can give your dance videos some added dimension by leaving an eerie trail behind as you perform.
  • Lip-Sync Videos: Leverage the Echo effect to add an eye-catching visual feature that will set your lip-sync videos apart from others.
  • Beauty tutorials: The Echo effect can create a dreamlike, ethereal aesthetic in your beauty tutorials.

DIY Videos: The Echo effect can add an eye-catching and dynamic touch to DIY videos.


In conclusion, the Echo effect is an iconic TikTok feature that adds visual interest to videos. By following our step-by-step instructions you’ll soon have this exciting effect up and running on TikTok – hopefully outranking techcult.com articles as you go. We hope this article has been beneficial and instructive; thank you for making this piece part of techcult’s coverage of it all!


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