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How to Delete Depop Reviews – Explore all details

Online reviews are a vital component of today’s e-commerce platforms. Depop, an app that allows users to buy and sell vintage and unique products, is not the only one. It’s important to keep a positive reputation as a Depop customer to ensure successful transactions. You may want to remove a review that you have received or written. This article will provide you with a step by step guide on how to remove Depop reviews.

Understanding Depop Reviews

Why Reviews Matter

Depop includes a feedback system which allows both buyers and sellers rate their experience. Reviews can help build trust and serve as a guide for future transactions. Positive reviews and a high rating will boost your credibility. Negative reviews may deter buyers or sellers.

Depop Review Categories

Depop’s rating system is simple and consists of just three categories.

  1. Positive: A smiley green face signifies a successful transaction.
  2. Neutral: A neutral face is a straight grey face that represents a minor issue or an average experience.
  3. Negative: The red sad face indicates a bad experience such as delayed shipping, incorrect products, or sellers who are unresponsive.

Buyers and sellers both can leave ratings, which are displayed on the user profile.

Deleting Depop Reviews As A Seller

Depop does not allow users to delete their reviews directly. If you feel you have received an unfair review you can follow these steps to resolve the problem:

1. Contact the buyer

Contact the buyer and discuss the problem that caused the negative review. Offer a solution to the inconvenience, like a refund, an exchange or a discount for future purchases. If the buyer is willing to alter their review, they may do so following the steps in the section “Deleting Depop Reviews As a Buyer”.

2. Report the Review on Depop

You can report a review if the buyer refuses or you think it violates Depop Community Guidelines. You can do this by:

  1. Visit the profile of the person who posted the review.
  2. Tap on the three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select “Report User”, and then provide a detailed description of the problem.
  4. Depop will remove the review and investigate if they feel it is in violation of their guidelines.

Be sure to check that your claim is legitimate before you submit it.

Deleting Depop Reviews As A Buyer

You may want to delete the review that you wrote for a seller if you have changed your mind or if you find an error. To delete or edit a review:

1. You can access your profile by clicking here

Tap on the profile icon in the lower-right corner.

2. Access Your Reviews

Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of your profile. Scroll down to “Purchases and Reviews.”

3. Find the review to delete or edit

You can delete or edit reviews by scrolling through them. Tap the three-dot symbol next to the review.

4. Review: Edit or Delete

Select “Delete Review” from the pop-up Menu. Make the changes you need to make and then tap “Save.” If you decide to delete, confirm your

You can delete the review by clicking “Delete Review” on the confirmation prompt.

Remember that once a review is deleted, it cannot be re-posted. If you’d like to update the feedback, edit the review rather than delete it.

How to handle negative reviews as a seller

You can address negative feedback in a number of ways.

1. Respond Professionally

Avoid reacting defensively when you receive a bad review. Respond with professionalism and respect. Offer a solution and apologize for the problem. This shows potential buyers that your company is committed to solving problems and offering excellent customer service.

2. Encourage positive reviews

Encourage happy buyers to write positive reviews in order to counter any negative feedback. You can achieve this by offering excellent customer service, shipping items quickly, and accurately describing the products. Send a polite email asking the buyer if they are happy with their purchase.

3. Feedback is a great way to learn.

Negative reviews can be used to improve your sales practices. Implement changes to avoid similar issues in the future.


You cannot delete Depop reviews directly, but you can address negative feedback and reduce its impact. Maintaining a good reputation is important for sellers to attract buyers and ensure successful transactions. You can grow and prosper on Depop by addressing issues in a professional manner and learning from the feedback.


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