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How Can I Watch Viki For Free – everything you to need know

Viki, a popular streaming platform, offers subtitled Asian TV shows, movies, and Korean dramas. The platform offers some free content but many features and shows require a paid subscription. Viki is available for free if you are on a tight budget or want to try out the platform first. This comprehensive guide will show you how to watch Viki for free and other alternatives that allow you to enjoy Asian entertainment.

Viki, what is it?

  • The Global Platform for Asian Entertainment

Viki, the video streaming platform of Rakuten (a Japanese online retailer and electronic commerce company), is owned by Rakuten. Viki’s goal is to make the best Asian entertainment available to a worldwide audience. The platform offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and other content from many countries, including South Korea, China and Japan. Viki provides subtitles in many languages. This makes it available to viewers around the globe.

Subscription Plans for H3

Viki has three subscription plans, Basic, Standard and Plus. Basic is free, and gives you access to limited content. Standard, which costs $4.99 per monthly, offers exclusive content, HD streaming, and no ads. The $9.99 monthly Plus plan offers all Standard Plan features as well as access to Kocowa – a Korean content platform.

Watch Viki for free

Viki Basic: Access to limited content for free

Signing up for Viki’s Basic plan is the easiest way to get free access. You can watch a small selection of movies, dramas and variety shows. You can still enjoy Asian content for free, even though there are advertisements. Visit the Viki site, create an account and select the “free” option when asked to choose a subscription plan.

Free content category

Viki offers some content that is free to watch without registering for an account. You can find a variety of free shows and movies in the “Free” section. Remember that free content can vary depending on the region you are in and its availability.

Viki Standard & Plus: 7-Day Trial Free

Viki offers both Standard and Plus subscribers a free 7-day trial. The trial gives you the opportunity to experience Viki’s exclusive content while enjoying an ad free viewing experience. Sign up for an Account and select either Standard or Plus Plan to get the Free Trial. Your payment information will be required, but no charges will be made until the end of the trial period. If you do not want to pay for the plan, cancel your subscription before it ends.

Alternative ways to watch Asian content for free


YouTube is an incredible source of Asian entertainment. It has official channels from many TV networks and production houses. These channels upload popular movies, TV shows and variety shows. YouTube offers a great way to watch Asian content online for free. The content is not as organized as Viki and the subtitles are not always available.

Asian Drama Streaming Websites

There are many websites that stream Asian dramas and films, including Dramacool, KissAsian and MyAsianTV. These websites offer a large library of content with subtitles. Be cautious when using such websites as they could host pirated material and pose a threat.

These websites are potentially dangerous. Use an ad blocker and a good antivirus program to protect your computer and personal information when browsing these sites.

National Broadcasters’ websites and apps

Several national broadcasters in Asian countries provide free streaming services. KBS World is a South Korean TV channel that has a YouTube channel and website where they upload episodes with English subtitles. NHK World Japan also offers free access to its programs via their website and mobile app. These platforms, although limited in content, can provide a safe and legal way to view Asian content.

Public Library Streaming Services

As part of their digital resource, many public libraries provide free access to streaming platforms like Hoopla or Kanopy. These platforms offer a wide range of Asian films and TV shows. You will need to have a library card that is valid from a library participating in the service. You can check with your local library if it offers these streaming services.

Tips to Watch Viki and Asian Content Free

Use VPN to Unlock Region-Locked content

Viki or other platforms may not have certain content available due to regional restrictions. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow you to bypass regional restrictions by allowing your IP address from another country. There are free VPNs, but many come with restrictions like data limits and slower connection speeds. Research your options before choosing a VPN that best suits your needs.

Be on the Lookout for Special Offers and Promotions

Viki offers special promotions and offers from time to time that allow you to access their premium content for free. These offers can include free trial extensions or reduced subscription rates. Viki’s social media channels and website are a great place to keep up-to-date on all promotions.

Join Online Communities and Forums

Finding free content is easy with online communities and forums that focus on Asian entertainment. Many members share links and recommendations to sites or platforms that allow you to watch popular shows and films for free. By joining these communities, you can enrich your viewing experience and connect with other fans of Asian dramas or movies.


Viki offers a wide range of content and an ad-free experience with its paid subscription plans, but there are also ways to use the platform without paying. You can enjoy a wide range of Asian entertainment for free by signing up for Basic or the Free Content category. You can also take advantage of a 7-day trial, or explore other platforms such as YouTube, the websites of national broadcasters, and streaming services offered by public libraries. These tips and resources will allow you to watch Viki, and other Asian content, for free. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and shows without spending a dime.


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