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how do i stream music from my phone to my computer using bluetooth window? – get complete details

It is possible to stream music directly from your phone onto your computer. This allows you to take advantage of the powerful speakers on your computer, better manage your playlists, and have a seamless experience. Bluetooth is a simple and efficient way to do this.

Prepare your devices for Bluetooth connection

Turn on Bluetooth for your Phone

  1. Android : Navigate to Settings > Connected Devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth. Turn it on to make your device visible.
  2. Access Bluetooth settings on the iPhone by going to Settings > Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on by toggling the switch.

Make sure that your phone can be found by nearby devices and is within range of your computer.

Enable Bluetooth for Your Windows Computer

Windows: Go to Settings > Devices and select Bluetooth & Other devices. Turn on Bluetooth.

Pairing your phone and Windows Computer

Pair your device from Your computer

Click on “+ Add Bluetooth or Other Device” on your computer once both devices are Bluetooth enabled. Choose “Bluetooth.” Select “Bluetooth.”

Pairing & Connecting Your Phone

Select your phone from the list. Both screens will display a pairing request containing a code. Verify that both the computer and phone codes are identical, and then click on “Connect” and “Pair”, respectively.

Streaming music

Listen to music on your phone

Open your favorite music app. You can use Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. Start streaming the music.

Set your phone as audio source

Navigate to “Sound Settings” on your computer. You will see a list with output devices. You’ll see a list of output devices.

Troubleshooting common issues

You may still encounter problems, even though the process seems straightforward. Here are some of the most common and how to fix them.

Devices do not discover each other

Make sure that both devices are within range and have Bluetooth enabled. Sometimes, turning Bluetooth on and off again can fix the problem.

Connection failed after pairing

Make sure you have your phone set as your audio source in your computer. If that doesn’t work, remove the device from your computer and pair it again.

Poor Audio Quality

Check that there are no other wireless devices interfering with your Bluetooth connection. Check if your device has any software updates, which often fix Bluetooth issues.


Bluetooth allows you to stream music directly from your smartphone to your computer. This creates a more rich and versatile audio environment. There may be some glitches, but they are usually easily resolved. Enjoy seamless music streaming!


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