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how do i enable my touchpad on my hp laptop windows 7? – Explore all details

Knowing your way around the devices you use is an essential skill in a world that is increasingly reliant on digital literacy. Laptops are the backbone of many people’s professional, educational and personal lives. What happens when an apparently simple feature, like the touchpad on your HP laptop, suddenly stops working? This is a very common problem that can easily be resolved. We will walk you through how to enable the touchpad in your HP laptop running Windows 7.

Understanding Your Touchpad

What is a Touchpad?

Let’s first take a minute to learn what a trackpad is. The trackpad is also called a touchpad and is primarily used on laptops. The touchpad is a replacement for an external keyboard and mouse. You can control the cursor using your finger to drag the surface of the touchpad.

What are the reasons for disabling a touchpad?

It could be that your touchpad is disabled for a variety of reasons. You could have accidentally pressed the wrong function key or software glitches. Understanding the reasons behind this will allow you to prevent it from happening in future.

Enabling Touchpad on HP Laptop

Function Keys

  1. Check your keyboard. The function key is labeled ‘Fn’. Next, locate the touchpad button, which is usually represented by a rectangle and a finger or hand touching it. This key may be F5, F7 or F9 depending on the laptop model.
  2. Enter the correct combination: Press the touchpad key while holding the “Fn” key. This combination is often used to toggle your touchpad on or off.

Windows Settings H3

  1. Open Control Panel Click the Start button and choose ‘Control Panel” from the menu.
  2. Navigate Mouse Settings In the Control Panel click on Hardware and Sound and then choose ‘Mouse” under Devices and Printers.
  3. Enable Touchpad : Click on the Device Settings tab in the Mouse Properties window. You’ll find your touchpad here. Click the “Enable” button and then click on the touchpad. To save your changes, click ‘OK.

Update Touchpad drivers

In the event that you’ve tried both methods and your touchpad still doesn’t work, it could be because of outdated or corrupted drivers. You’ll have to update the drivers in this case.

  1. Open Device Manager Click the “Start” button, then right-click Computer and select “Manage”. Click on Device Manager from the list to the left.
  2. Update Touchpad drivers: Expand the list of ‘Mice’ and other pointing device in the Device Manager window. Click on the touchpad (which may be listed under ‘Synaptics Touchpad or ‘HP Touchpad’) and choose ‘Update Driver software’.
  3. Follow Prompts : Follow the prompts to allow Windows search for the latest driver updates and install them. Restart your laptop once the update has been completed.


You should be able enable the touchpad in your HP laptop that runs Windows 7 by following the above steps. You should also keep in mind that each HP laptop may be slightly different. If you still have problems, consult the manual for your model or contact HP Support.


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