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how do i set my asus bios to boot priority? – get complete details

The BIOS is the system that controls your PC’s initial startup. You can control the order of your computer’s devices by configuring your BIOS. This article will show you how to set your ASUS BIOS boot priority.

Understanding Boot Priority

Boot Priority – What does it mean?

Boot priority is the order that the BIOS looks for an operating system bootable on storage devices. These devices can include the hard disk, optical drive CD/DVD, USB ports or network booting. The BIOS begins at the top and works its way down to find a device that contains a bootable operating system.

What is the importance of setting Boot Priority?

In various situations, changing the boot order may be required. For example, you might want to boot directly from a USB or CD to install a Linux distribution or to use a recovery disk for a backup. It’s important to understand how to change the order of booting for troubleshooting or upgrading.

Set ASUS BIOS Boot Priority

You should be careful when handling BIOS settings, as incorrect settings could cause issues with the boot sequence of your system.

Accessing BIOS

  1. Turn on or restart the ASUS PC. Press the “F2 key” multiple times to bring up the BIOS screen.
  2. Enter the BIOS password if needed. You should be able access your BIOS without a password if you’ve never used one.

Navigating BIOS

You’ll be in the BIOS now.

  1. Click on the “Boot” tab. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys to navigate the BIOS interface.
  2. Locate the option titled ‘Boot Priority or Boot Order’. This will usually be found under a menu named ‘First Boot Device Priority, First Boot Device Sequence’, or something similar.

Prioritizing the Boot

How to change the order of your boots:

  1. Choose the ‘Boot Priority” option. Press the Enter key to choose options in the BIOS.
  2. Rearrange devices using the “+” and “-” keys to set the order you prefer. The BIOS will check the device that is at the top of your list first during startup.
  3. Save your changes. After you’ve set your boot order, press the “F10” key to exit the BIOS and save your changes. You will be asked to confirm the changes. Select ‘Yes’, and then hit ‘Enter’.


BIOS Interface variations

The BIOS interface of your ASUS computer may differ depending on its model or version. Look for phrases that are similar if you cannot find the exact options listed above.

Cannot access the BIOS?

Timing is everything if you are having trouble getting into the BIOS. Press the F2 key immediately after the system reboots. If you still have problems, check your computer’s manual for instructions or visit the ASUS site for your specific model.


Once you know how to navigate your ASUS BIOS, setting the boot priority is relatively simple. Knowing how to change the boot priority can be a useful skill, whether you are troubleshooting, upgrading, or maintaining your system. Always handle these settings carefully to avoid any boot sequence problems.


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