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how do i add captions to photos in windows 10? – Explore all details

Adding a little extra to photos can make them more meaningful and descriptive. Text overlays or captions are an excellent way to achieve this. They can be used to tell the story behind the picture, provide context, or add a little humor. Windows 10 makes adding captions to photos a breeze. This article will guide you through how to do that.

Understanding Captions

Why add captions to photos?

Add captions to photos in many different ways. The captions can provide details or context that may not be apparent from the photo alone. Captions can make photos more accessible for people with disabilities. You can also use captions in a professional setting, such as in reports or presentations where you want to add more information about an image.

Tools to Add Captions in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers several tools to caption your photos. Microsoft Photos and Microsoft Paint are two of the most popular.

Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is an all-in-one photo viewing and editing application that comes with Windows 10. The app has many features, such as the ability to add captions.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint has been a part of Windows’ operating system for many years. It is a simple graphic editor. It’s not quite as powerful as Microsoft Photos but it allows you to easily add captions to photos.

Microsoft Photos: Captions for H2

Open a photo

To add a caption, first locate the picture you wish to add one to. Then, right-click it and choose “Open With” then “Photos”.

Edit your Photo

Click on the “Edit and Create” button in the upper right corner. Then select “Edit” from a drop-down list.

Add Text

Click on “Text” in the Editing Toolbar. You can now add text to the photo.

Customize your text

You can type your caption in the text box below your picture. You can adjust font size, color and position.

Save your photo

Click the “Save a Copy” button when you are satisfied with your caption. This will save the new version of your picture with your caption. Your original photo will remain unchanged.

Microsoft Paint: Captions for

Open a photo

Click the photo that you’d like to caption, and then click “Open With” to choose “Paint.”

Add Text

Click on the “Text”, represented by the letter ‘A’, in the toolbar. You can now add text to your picture.

Customize your text

Enter your caption in the text box. You can adjust the font size, color and placement as needed.

Save your photo

Click “File” at the top-left corner and then “Save As” to download your captioned image. This will create a new photo that includes the caption while preserving the original image.


Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Photos are both easy to use to add captions to your photos in Windows 10. Add a caption to your photos, no matter which method you choose. It will enhance them, and add a new layer of meaning. Happy captioning!


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