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how do i find my static ip address windows 10? – Explore all details

Internet connectivity is a part of everyday life, whether we are browsing social media or performing our work. IP addresses are crucial for these online activities. These addresses are used to identify devices that are connected to a particular network. This guide will show you how to find the static IP address in Windows 10.

What is a Static IP address?

Understanding IP Addresses

Internet Protocol (IP address) is a label numerically assigned to every device in a computer networking that uses Internet Protocol as a communication protocol. There are two kinds of IP addresses: dynamic and static.

Static IP addresses

As the name suggests, a static IP address does not change. A static IP address remains constant once assigned to a device. This allows the device to have a consistent and reliable address.

Find your static IP address in Windows 10

You can find the IP address of your device in your computer’s configuration. The process is simple and can be done in a few steps. We will show you how to do it below.

Open Network Connection Settings

You’ll need to first access the Network Connection Settings on your device. Windows Start, and then select “Settings”. Navigate to “Network & Internet”, within Settings.

Navigate your network’s properties

Click on “Network & Internet”, then “WiFi” or Ethernet. Your connection information will be displayed. Select “Properties”, then click on your network.

Find your IP address

Scroll down the Properties menu to the “IP Settings” section. You should be able to see information about your network. Search for “IPv4 Address” or “IPv6 Address.” These terms are used to describe the IP address version that your network uses. You should also see a set of numbers next to these terms. This is your IP address.

Verify Your IP Address

Verify that the IP address you have is static. You may notice that a dynamic IP addresses changes over time, or after you restart your device. A static IP address, however, should remain constant. You can verify this IP address by checking it after a couple of days or restarting your device. It’s a stat IP if the IP address stays the same.

Why would you need to know your static IP address?

It is beneficial to know your static IP address for several reasons. Knowing your static IP can be helpful if you are hosting a server. Static IP addresses can also help provide more stable internet connectivity, which is important for business operations.


Windows 10 makes it easy to find your static IP address. Knowing this can help you with a variety of tasks that are network-related. Verify your static IP address over time to make sure it is consistent. It’s important to always keep your network safe to protect both your device and data.


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