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why is ios 13 so slow to download? – Explore all details

Apple’s iOS 13 was released in 2019. It brought iPhone users a number of improvements and enhancements. Many users reported slower than expected download speeds while trying to update their device. Why did this happen? This article will examine the reasons for iOS 13’s slow downloading speed.

Internet Connection Congestion

Internet connection problems could be the main cause of iOS 13’s slow download speed. Apple’s servers are often overwhelmed by traffic, particularly in the first few days after a new release.

After Release, is in High Demand

Apple releases a new software update and millions of users rush to download it. This increase in demand can cause congestion and slow down download speeds for many. The update that should normally take only a few moments to download could take hours or longer.

Internet Speed and Stability

A second cause could be the speed and quality of your internet connection. Download speed will be affected if you download the update using a slow, unstable connection. Other devices connected to the same network may also be using a lot of bandwidth, which will slow down the download.

Device Storage and Processing Power

The device’s processing and storage capacity, as well as network problems, can affect the speed of iOS 13 downloads.

Lack of storage space

The iPhone must have sufficient storage to store the update. The download and installation of updates can be significantly slowed down if your iPhone has a low amount of storage space. This is because the device must constantly make room to accommodate the new data. This can cause the update to fail.

Age of the Device and Processor Power

Download speeds can be affected by the age and processing power of your device. Older devices could have slower processors or less efficient network chips. Both can contribute to slower download speed.

How To Speed Up The Download Of iOS 13

You can speed up your downloads if you have been experiencing slow speeds.

Choose off-peak hours

Try downloading the Apple update at off-peak times to avoid congestion on Apple servers.

Achieve a stable, high-speed connection

When downloading an update, ensure you’re connected to a high-speed WiFi network that is stable. Avoid downloading via a cellular network if possible. This can be less reliable and slower.

Free up Device Storage

Make sure that you have enough storage space before downloading the update. You can make space on your device by deleting unwanted files and applications.

The slow download speed of iOS 13 is due to a variety of factors, including network congestion, poor internet connections, storage capacity on the device, and processing power. Understanding these causes and implementing the solutions will help you improve your experience with downloading iOS updates.

Check Background Activities

Other background applications running on your device could also be a factor in the slow download.

Ongoing Background Downloads

This could slow down the download of the iOS 13 update if you are simultaneously downloading other files (such as apps, music or backup data) on your device. The iOS update can be slowed down by other downloads that compete with it for processing power and bandwidth.

Background Apps

Download speeds can be affected by background apps. These apps use resources on your device, like processing power and RAM that could be used to download the update.

Battery Temperature and Device Temperature

Even the physical condition of your device can affect iOS 13 download speed.


To protect internal components, your device may slow down all processes including downloads if it is overheating. The iPhone is designed to protect internal components from damage caused by excessive heat. If you are downloading an update in a warm environment or using apps that require a lot of processing power, the download may be slowed down.

Low Battery

If your device’s battery is low, it may reduce its performance in order to conserve energy. This can slow down downloads. If you want to avoid this, make sure your device is fully charged or connected to a power source before downloading the iOS 13 Update.


While a slow iOS 13 download speed can be frustrating, the cause is usually solvable. Understanding the factors that affect your download speed can be helpful. These include network congestion, internet speed, device storage, processing speed, background activities and even device temperatures and battery status.

The principles are applicable to all iOS updates, even though the examples were for iOS 13. Knowing these factors will help you better prepare for future updates and ensure a faster download. Apple’s customer support team can help you troubleshoot persistent problems if everything else fails.


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