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which of the choices are available for use with windows storage spaces an? – get complete details

Windows Storage Spaces, a Microsoft Windows technology, allows users to manage and protect data easily. It is a flexible system which gives users a variety of options depending on their requirements.

Windows Storage Spaces – What are they?

Windows Storage Spaces are a feature that is built into Windows. It allows you to group together three or more drives into a pool of storage, which can be further divided into different spaces. The feature was introduced in Windows 8 but has since been improved and developed. Storage Spaces protects your data against drive failures, and allows you to extend your storage as your PC grows.

Storage Spaces and their Role

Storage Spaces are a simple and cost-effective way to create large, flexible, and resilient storage volumes on Windows. This is especially beneficial for small and medium businesses, and enterprises where data security and cost-effectiveness are important. It’s also a handy feature for individuals who want to manage their data.

Windows Storage Spaces: Options Available

Windows Storage Spaces offers several options. These options are divided into Storage Space Options, Storage Pool Options, and Resiliency Options.

Storage Pool Options for

Windows treats a storage pool as a collection drives. Users can add and remove drives as their needs evolve. This feature provides flexibility and hardware abstraction. Windows Storage Spaces offers a variety of storage pools.

  • Pools with a Single Disk This is the easiest configuration, which uses only one disk. This setup, however, does not offer any data security.
  • Multiple Disk pools This configuration allows more than one disk to be added to the pool, allowing for larger and more resilient storage areas.

Storage Options

Storage Spaces are virtual drives that you can create inside a Storage Pool. It can have a capacity that is larger than the physical storage capacity of the pool. You can select from the following options for Storage Spaces:

  • Simple spaces: Designed for improved performance, but does not provide protection against drive failure.
  • Mirror Spaces is designed to increase performance and protect data. It keeps multiple copies of data that can be stored in different drives.
  • Parity spaces: It is designed to be efficient and protect your data against drive failure using parity information. This is best for streaming media and archival data.

Resilience Options

Windows Storage Spaces has the ability to be resilient against drive failures. Storage Spaces will continue to function even if one or more drives fail, depending on the option selected. You can choose from:

  • Mirroring in both directions This type of resilience requires two or more drives to maintain two copies. You are protected from a drive failure.
  • Triple-way mirror : This type of resilience requires at least five hard drives, and maintains three versions of your data. This will protect you against two simultaneous drives failing.
  • Parity : This type of resiliency requires at least three hard drives, and parity information is used to protect data. This type of resiliency provides protection against single-drive failures, but slower performance when writing.


Windows Storage Spaces is a flexible and robust platform that allows you to manage and protect data on your Windows PC. Understanding the options and choices available allows users to tailor their storage system so that it meets their needs, and their data is safe and accessible.


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